Why Self Branding Is The Best Way To Build Your MLM Business  

Posted by Roger Smith

In Network Marketing we are told to make a list of our family, friends, workmates and everybody else we know. Why? Because it is easier to do business with people that know, like and trust us. This principle is generally true. People go to a mechanic who did a good job before or re-visit restaurants where they had good service.

Unfortunately most people see us only in one particular role; as a relative, friend, workmate, etc. But they do not know, like and trust us as an entrepreneur; especially when we are first starting out and haven’t made much money yet. In fact they are often very cynical.

On the Internet however, prospective prospects/distributors do not see you as a relative, friend or workmate. They don’t bring up past failures or previous MLM ventures. They don’t question what do you know as you’re just a employee, housewife, too young, too broke, whatever. All they know is that you are involved with a service/product that you are promoting and if you promote it well they will think you are an expert.

Many Network Marketing companies provide replicated websites, which are about the company, product or the opportunity. There is nothing to make the prospect know, like or trust YOU. To overcome this you need to BRAND YOURSELF.

Branding is how the heavy hitters in Network Marketing make millions while teaching you how to approach a cynical warm list! Why do you think the heavy hitters sell CD’s, DVD’s and books rather than give their secrets to their own organization? Apart from making money on these products, it is also a great way to attract prospects wanting to work with them, without them having to do what they are teaching you to do. They don’t need to approach their warm list any more. They don’t need to advertise their opportunity. They just promote themselves through their products and have people come to them wanting to work with them. That really is the one big secret in Network Marketing that those at the top do not teach to those that have just started.

It is very easy to brand yourself than you may think. Even if you have not yet had any success, you can still share information you may have; either from your own personal experience or from others. It doesn’t take long to learn information worth sharing even if you have only just started out.

Since I have started branding myself, I have had people tell me that I am an inspiration to them and that they will use my guidelines to set up their MLM organizations, and new associates. I have been offered money for information that I was giving away free. Nobody on my warm list has ever treated me this way. Wouldn’t you like to be treated like that rather than struggle to convince all the cynics in your life?

Not only will it work for you, but it will work for every member of your team. I know at first it seems presumptuous, especially if you have just started. However, remember, about 95% of Network Marketers fail. Do you want to risk building your financial future with warm list and advertising techniques that fail 95% of the time, or do you want to use the techniques used by the heavy hitters who are right at the very top?


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