Setting Up Your Own Perfect Automated MLM Marketing System  

Posted by Roger Smith

Do you have any idea whatsoever what an automated system for your mlm busieness would be or what it should look like? Even the Old School MLM Heavy Hitters and espically the newbies have apsolutely no idea. If I could take some of your time I would like to expalin...They are:

1- A perfect lead captivating page created especially not about you not your company...YOU INC.

Your lead capture page should have a perfect sales copy which explains to a prospect the reason why he would take adviece from you out of everyone else that is out there. How would you go about doing this...add your lead page link on your Social Networking sites like MySpace,FacebooK ect. If done correctly they will will seek YOU out because of their perception of your expertise.

2- A free report or ebook especially designed to TEACH not PROSPECT

The report/ebook should contain valuable information. It must offer a clear benefit that will help a new recruit in their efforts in building a team such as Social Network marketing, Video production etc. Any information regarding the products and or services of the company that you represent should be given last. Again there is no way to tell whether or not you prospect is intrested in you or an opportunity and there is no way to tell wheter or not you even want this person on your selective.

3- Follow up e-mail/Autoresponder

Along with the free report, a follow up system should be provided with some sort of generic training sent out at a given intervals form time to time to continue havin gthe prospect see you as an expert in gievn company. You should approach the leads at least 5-10 times beacuse usually most people do not reacte overthe first email that is sent. Verify that your Autoresponder has a system of passing through spam filters.

4- Good support

Enough support is necessary in this business to encourage one to become a distributor. Whenever a new distributor steps into the business, a follow up e-mail system is required for him to get enough training to market the products effectively. Personal support is also needed, therefore creating relationships between upline and new distributors is mandatory.

5- The part played by you

Your skill, effort, activity, and passion are needed in this business. You should be open to accept fresh ideas and strategies always.

The New-Age Of MLM...Web 2.0 Online Network Marketing System!  

Posted by Roger Smith

Traditional mlm as a sales device has been around for a very long time; however the success rate over the past couple of decades has customarily been low. Anyone who thinks taking on a networking program means the money will roll in automatically without any effort on their part is in for a big surprise. Network marketing can and does make money for some people, but inevitably these are the people who dedicate lots of time and effort to their marketing endeavors.

In the days before the internet, network marketing was based heavily on cold calling, and warm market list building. Anyone who has spent four to six hours a day trying to sell a product or service over the telephone knows that this method of sales is frustrating and disappointment. Even the most skilled MLM Heavy Hitter will begin to have self doubts about their ability and/or product when they are consistently being hung up on or said no to.

With the Internet and its astounding ability to leap over unlimited borders, both geographically and intellectually, online network marketing is making enormous strides as a viable and very successful marketing opportunity.

With a lot of perseverance and a little research, most people can establish and attain exceptional success with a well designed and maintained online Network Marketing business. Listed below are some of the tried and true techniques for proven success in new online Network Marketing recruiting:

1- Developing an eye-catching, well defined lead capture page/Social Networking (MySpace, Facebook...etc) site that immediately captures the interest of the reader and entices them to want to learn more. It is essential to provide a “free” report which you will send out in exchange for the visitor’s contact information. You have just leapt over the first hurdle – the client is interested, so now you can promote your product or service to a willing audience.

2- Develop an informative and comprehensive report which details the benefits of joining your network marketing company while focusing on the support and resources you will provide as their mentor. Take this opportunity to clearly define your product and its potential for making money.

3- Always include an opt-in box for the recruit to record their email address and then make sure you have a good follow-up emails and an auto responder system which will allow you to regularly keep in contact with them. Often, prospects have to receive several emails before they decide to opt into your marketing plan. Your follow-up emails should be strongly worded, interesting so that they will by-pass spam filters.

4- Devise an email follow-up and feedback system that informs recruit of the time sensitivity involved at this stage. You may want to concentrate your pitch on the opportunity loss that could result if the potential recruit does not agree to sign on with you within a specified time frame.

5- Once a new recruit agrees to become a distributor, it is essential that you provide all the necessary training and marketing information. Developing a strong interpersonal relationship with your new recruit is imperative at this point.

6- Be sure your product or service follows all ethical and fair market practices. Your product should be a proven seller and in high demand. You must believe in your product or service before you can effectively convince others to become part of your team.

7- As the primary contact person you must always be an active participant in the business. As a passionate, progressive-thinking mentor, you will be able to establish an atmosphere of trust and confidence between you and your recruits. Be prepared to develop a continuous learning curve so you will always be at the top of your game.

By teaching and promoting yourself in a positive, ethical and successful manner in conjunction with your product or service, you are well on your way to attaining a strong foothold in the Online Network Marketing field. Your success however will depend on your commitment to excellence and a system that will appeal to other like-minded online Network Marketers. Developing and enhancing your approach and follow-through is a marketing plan that you can definitely take to the bank.

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