The Quality Of Your MLM Leads -- How To Generate Responsive MLM Leads 101 -- Part One  

Posted by Roger Smith

The basic premise of shopping or doing research online is that a prospect will not have to talk to anyone to get the information they are after. It is a journey so to speak, they can look and not touch, go where they are told and not ask any questions until the end. Your visitors (like kids on a field trip) are on your site because of some simple curiosity that has led them to your site. You are their guide. They expect you to know where you want them to go and show them everything they want to see. Every click from a visitor on your site is a question looking for an answer. The click represents an opportunity for you (the guide) to answer their question correctly leading your visitors to the light at the end of the tunnel. So, they (visitors) better get what they want as quickly as possible or they’ll click their back button and look for another guide.

When the content of your website convinces a visitor that your information is valuable to them; they give you something of value in return. They give you their valuable information by becoming a lead.

Let’s just get one thing straight, it doesn’t matter if your website has a simple or complex sales process. The nature of a website in the context of this article is irrelevant as to the objective of any website is plain and simple, it is persuasion.

You may or may not have heard of “funnel marketing”. So, what is funnel marketing”?

Funnel marketing is a customer approach of going backwards in the whole evolution from prospect to lead, lead to customer and customer to repeat customer. In order to use this process, ask yourself these questions: who, what and how?

1- Who do I need to convince?

2- What am I convincing my visitors to do?

When the objective of your site is generating leads, you want to convince your visitors to fill in a contact form for more information, register to download some sort of free information, a e-book or demo, register for special offers, opt in to a newsletter or e-mail list, or use “email a friend” to forward interesting content on your site to those they know with similar interests.

Now that you have your target audience, in this case, business opportunity seekers which represent your “who” from above, and you have identified the action you want them to take, which is turn them into a lead. You will now need look at configuring an online experience that incorporates your answer to the third basic question:

3- How do I most effectively persuade my visitors?

Relevancy = More MLM Leads Conversions

Identify what really matters to your visitors. What motivates them to seek you out? What problems do you solve for them? Identify the benefits your products or services offer. Think in reverse (remember funnel marketing), what motivated you to sign up into this business. You Want Qualified MLM Leads for Your Home Business, not overzealous money seeker leads. So Hold the Hype and Industry Lingo

Unless you’re speaking to a targeted group of people, who know your industry inside and out, do not get lost in translation. Your message needs to be clear; it always helps to state your message clearly for the largest audience possible. Create an FAQ on your site for industry terms you can link to if you must use industry specific terms. This will send your message without sending your visitors to your competition.

Leave out the hype. People buy from people, not from super duper, cutting edge, one of a kind, solve all systems. Because people buy from people, don’t brag about yourself or how great you are and how much money you’ve earned. Your visitors are interested in finding out what you can do for them. In the process of finding this out, they will want to know who is speaking to them. Have you ever noticed how authors write a brief biography in the back of their book? You should do the same. However, on a webpage you will want to create an “about me” page where people who are interested can click there to read about your accomplishments.

This shouldn’t read like a resume, but rather the ever popular interview question, “tell me about yourself’. Talk about where you went to school, where you reside, your family, what motivates you. Bring yourself to their level and earn their trust by answering their unanswered question of “who will I be dealing with?” Remember, people buy from people, so identifying with your audience is very important.

This is enough for now to let you research further. Next week in part two of this series, I will include information on achieving higher conversions or more MLM Leads for your MLM, Network Marketing and Home Based Business Opportunity.

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