The Quality Of Your MLM Leads -- How To Generate Responsive MLM Leads 101 -- Part Two  

Posted by Roger Smith

When it comes to lead capture pages, ask for as little information as possible. You are trying to guide and persuade as many leads as you possibly can. What information makes you feel uneasy handing over to someone you have never met before goes for the majority of people online. The more information you ask for, the less likely folks are to hand it over. Conversion rates generally relate to the amount of information requested, the lower the conversion rate you have the more information you asked for on your capture page. This holds especially true for lead-generating conversions.

Your visitors expect to get something in return for their information they provide to you, just as you expect to get your cup filled with coffee when you exchange money for a cup at a coffee shop. What your visitors have to provide should not be more than they perceive necessary. Would you pay $10.00 for a small cup of coffee, even if you were in Seattle at a Starbucks? The more information you want your visitors to provide, you will have to provide more value in relation to the request.

More appropriately in the context here of this article, you will want to provide the same value for the more information you ask for on your webpage. If you wouldn’t provide your daytime phone number, street address and desired income for a newsletter then you need to ask for as little as possible. With internet marketing, you are probably better off simply asking for the names and email addresses if you aren’t going to provide incentives.

You will want to ask for information relating to your message. Because you are talking about a business opportunity you will need to ask for information such as:

"Enter your name and email address with phone number and we will send you our free report and reserve your spot for tonight’s executive conference call. Here you will get the chance to meet our executive members and hear in greater detail what we are all about..."

If MLM Prospects get it, they will become MLM Leads

Your visitors’ attention span is about less than 3 seconds. Due to back buttons on many computer mice, some online market researchers have stated less than 1 second. The bottom line is, if visitors can't quickly get your content or see where they need to go, they won't stick around and you will not have a lead. Don’t create pages that are very long where the user has to scroll endlessly to the bottom of the page. Break up your content into short and sweet bites with proper navigation structuring. You want to make your site is presentable and easy to navigate. Qualify to Improve MLM Lead Quality

Remember, you are your visitors’ guide; it is your responsibility to help your visitors convert to a lead as soon as they land on your site. The nature of the lead generation is the same to sales; some visitors may not be in a buying mood. Where some visitors will buy no matter what you say, they are just in the right mood at the right time. Just as qualifying a customer is as important to get a customer to buy a product. This process is just as important in generating a lead. You have probably heard, “it’s a numbers’ game” or “some will, some won’t, so what”. These clich├ęs are just as true in generating leads. You need to focus on your numbers to see what is working and what isn’t working to better tune your campaign. Want Responsive MLM Leads - The proof is in the metric’s pudding

You need to measure what you have done and how well you have done it.

1- Conversion rate (responses): How many visitors viewed your internet-video about your company and products, subscribed to your newsletter, or opted in to your email list?

2- Time spent on your site: What is the overall average amount of time each visitor is spending on your site?

3- Abandonment rates, especially on contact pages: Out of the total number of visitors how many left without completing the process? Where on your site are your visitors jumping ship? Are you losing visitors right before you turn them into a lead?

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