See Your Way To Network Marketing Success  

Posted by Roger Smith

Visualization is more effective than ordinary goal setting, although in Network Marketing you still need to set goals to visualize about.

Have you ever watched a movie and found that your heart rate and breathing had both got faster. Why would this happen? It's the movie you say. But you are sitting in the comfort of your home, the movie is a pile of different colored lights, sounds and music coming from your TV set. You KNOW that you are safe.

So why does the body react the way that it does. It’s because the mind controls the body, and the mind is reacting to the visuals from the film. What if you could harness this same process to make your body react in the way you wanted. To do that you would have to control the stimulus that the mind gives the body. You can control this using visualization.

Why would you want to control your own body in this way? Here is an example; if you believe that all people are bad and out to get you, then you will be guarded when meeting anybody new. People will pick up on your body-language and find you distant and probably not like you very much. On the other hand you think that all people are good you will be more open with others and people will like you more. Your thoughts can actually become self-fulfilling. If you visualize that all people are good (despite any bad experiences), your body language will change according to this from the mind. Consequently people will like you more and are more likely to be good towards you.

Have you noticed how positive people seem to have less illness than others? If you are told that you have an illness, you often feel stressed about it. When you feel stressed the body releases chemicals. These chemicals are for the primitive flight or fight mechanism and are only supposed to be there for a short time. They should also be “burned off” by the flight or fight. However, by stressing about the illness we are putting those chemicals in our body for longer and not burning them off. This can actually damage our body over a period of time. In fact cancer actually feeds of these chemicals (which is why it is often associated with stress). The act of worrying about it makes it worse.

So what has all this to do about building a Network Marketing business? Visualize yourself as being successful with all your goals achieved. Try to feel how you would feel, picture how you would be standing, the expression on your face, how you would be dressed, what you might see or hear.

Also, visualize how people react to you with much more respect now that you are successful. As with the first example, this stimulus can change your body language, hence how people respond to you. This could lead to more sales or sign ups, hence more success.

Don’t worry about setting really high goals. If you aim for the stars and only reach the moon, then you are still a lot higher than you are were.

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Hey...Network Marketers - Stop Wasting Money Buying Leads!  

Posted by Roger Smith

This morning as I woke up, and I found myself thinking about my life and my business in general as a network marketer. I started to think about the differences between successes and most failures in this business, and the first thing that popped into my mind was lead quality.

When a new associate buys leads from from an online company, they really have no idea where these leads are coming from. This means you are going to give up a large amount of control, and money for your leads. After purchasing the leads, you are left with little information about those leads. You have no idea were or how these leads came about. The two things you do know is:

1. I bought them.


2. I hope they want more information on my home businesses opportunity.

This is all you really know about the leads that you will buy. You have no idea how they came to fill out the form that made them leads in the first place. You have no idea what the form consisted of, when they filled out the form or how many other marketers got the same leads as you did. Most lead companies will give you a general idea of how they got the leads, but in the end, it is up to you to make the decision of whether you trust them or not.

To be honest with you, this concept has made me wary of the whole business. To be honest, without having the above information, I had no l way of knowing what they expected of me or what I expected of them. Another aspect of lead companies is, now and then, one may find themselves going out of business. This leaves you with the prospect of rushing around trying to find a different lead company who will have a completely different lead generating method.

If your not interested in buying leads, you will need to find a way to generate leads yourself. This however will mean more work on your part. However, there are a great many benefits that will come with generating your own leads. My opinion is that, as a network marketer, generating your own leads is far more fulfilling and promising than purchasing leads.

Why you may ask?

You see, when you find ways to generate your own leads, you will know where these leads come from, what type of form they were required to fill out, the costs of these leads, when they filled out the form and, probably most important, that no one has these same leads. When you generate your own leads, there is only one person that has them and that is you.

Generating your own leads allows you the comfort of knowing exactly why the leads filled out your form. You already know what expectations they have from you because it was you that set them. This will leave you with the knowledge of exactly what your leads want and what you expect from them as well.

By filling out your form and opting in to become a lead, they are asking you for more information about your home business and nothing more than that.

Another benefit about generating your own leads is that you have full control over every aspect of your growth and potential. It is entirely possible you can determine how many leads you can generate in relation to the time and cost that is involved with the process. Furthermore, you will also be able to determine how many of these leads will transform into a new team member for your business.

If anything has caused an improvement between my successes and failures as a network marketer, it is generating my own leads. It is something you will definitely want to consider for your long term success.

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You Inc... Branding Yourself As An Expert In MLM  

Posted by Roger Smith

Recently I’ve been noticing online a lot about the idea of branding yourself as an expert in network marketing, and I ran across an article from a networ kmarketing magazine that talked about the Art of Branding Yourself in Business.

Here’s the facts. Most part people have a misconceived notion of what MLM or direct sales really is. Their mom or someone else in the family or friends was involved in Avon or had a cousin in Amway or something. So if your prospect has seen these people do it, and fail, then what do you have to offer them?

This is where most people begin to start selling their business opportunity. “We’re debt free,” or “We've been around for 50 years” and so on.

Now what your possible prospect is saying to himself is, “Who gives? How are you going to help me succeed?”

See, where most people start selling their business opportunity, this is where you should start selling yourself, selling your brand.

“I can help you because…”

“I have your solution…”

This is what Bach did for his clients. He brought on his knowledge and showed that he was out to help his client. Bach had their best interest at heart.

The best way to start your brand is by becoming an expert about your business opportunity and your products. Why? Because knowing this will allow your prospect to trust you and, most important, follow you.

Here’s the list of strategies that Stern says has worked for Bach:

1. Tap your passion: Identify your own passions and purpose in life.

2. Become skilled at generating publicity: This is getting your name out there. You can easily do this with Google Adwords or using Internet Marketing strategies, like Magnetic Sponsoring.

3. Keep it Simple: Stick to the basics by only focusing on what your client/prospect wants and what they need to do in order to get what they want.

4. Evolve the Brand: Start with a niche then begin to expand into other niches. When you become in expert in say home care, then become an expert in nutrition and service those type of clients.

5. Create Multiple Revenue Streams: What is meant here is create multiple revenue streams to your business. You can do this with affiliate programs. Or you can market your own information product like an ebook or brochure about your business opportunity.

6. Secure Sponsors: Again this relates to affiliate programs such as Magnetic Sponsoring. You can use Dillard’s information product as tool to help your grow your business and get clients.

7. Know your target audience: This is critical. Your target prospect is not your uncle who’s plopped in front of the TV right now. Look for people who are looking for your products or your business opportunity.

These strategies are just a thumbnail sketch of what you can do to enhance your business. Obviously when you go into depth in each of these strategies there is a lot to learn. There are plenty of resources out there to help you grow your business.

A true entrepreneur will do whatever it takes, right?

Remember to add value to your prospects by explaining what you have to offer them.

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Your MLM Marketing Funnel - 4 Strategies To Put It Completely On Autopilot  

Posted by Roger Smith

There are simply so many benefits when you learn how to acquire your own free MLM leads, instead of purchasing MLM leads and starting to contact them for your business. First of all, we all can agree that if people receive to much rejection, they will quit. So recommending your downlines to purchase leads and start to cold call them will almost guarantee that they just loose their money and quit.

So if you are like most out there, then you probably want to learn how to get free leads for your MLM business, and duplicate that knowledge thru to your downline.

The truth is that the leads that you purchase from different companies are usually shared with a lot of other network marketers. Those kinds of MLM leads have answered an online request, if they are interested in, "Making Money Working From Home". That has nothing to do with, if they are interested in working with you, and your particular MLM company.

Once you learn how to get free MLM leads and traffic to your website using the power of Web Marketing 2.0 techqniques, then it will become totally different, because then you will have leads that have opted in for the right reasons. The main reason, is because those Leads have opted in because they want to receive more information from YOU, and your particular product and opportunity.

Another benefit is the viral effect you will get with those methods, when other people start to spread your content and links around the Internet. So using Web 2.0 advertising methods correctly, is definitely the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to generate tons of free MLM leads for your MLM business. In comparison with other advertising methods, these methods are not only highly effective and free, but always will be effective.

Another advantage is , that with these advertising methods it will allow you to stand out from the masses, and other people will view you as an expert. So spending the necessary time, so that you learn how to get Free MLM leads and traffic by using Web 2.0 advertising methods will probably be the smartest move that you can ever make.

Here are 4 strategies that will help you to position yourself as an expert and also help you to generate MLM leads and traffic to your website in the same process:

1. Use free advertising methods that brand YOU, and that also have the potential to put your primary MLM business on complete Autopilot. Ex...

Article marketing, Press release, Ebook marketing, Social bookmarking, Videos and Blogs are advertising methods that will help you to Brand and position yourself as an expert, which is of critical importance for MLM success.

( All those advertising methods have the potential to generate endless amounts of free MLM Leads and traffic, plus put your primary MLM business on complete Autopilot.)

2. Design a lead capture page and give away a free Ebook in exchange for your prospects contact information. The goal here is to GIVE away something of great value that has preferably YOUR NAME on it, so that you also win peoples trust and respect.

3. Use a "Tell A Friend" incentive. Offer an incentive if people pass on your Ebook to for example 5 of their friends.

4. Make a Video and post it on YOU TUBE and other Video submitting sites. Once your prospects arrive at your website you show them the rest of your movie in exchange for their name and primary email address.

When you have everything set up correctly, you will Brand yourself and at the same time you will generate tons of free MLM Leads and traffic to your website on complete autopilot.

© 2008 Copyright Magnetic Leadership Marketing. All Rights Reserved

MLM Rejection? Deal With It With Attraction Marketing  

Posted by Roger Smith

Do you remember the first MLM business opportunity that you were ever exposed to? Do you remember how you could not rest at night as your mind busily went about processing the endless possibilities that your new business was going to create for you and your family? Do you remember how excited you were after learning about the outstanding benefit and value your product or service offered potential clients?

So, what happened?

Rejection was the farthest thing on your mind. You couldn’t wait to tell your friends and family about the wonderful benefits of your new found company or the terrific opportunity that was poised to explode and you wanted your friends and family to get a piece of the pie. In fact, I bet your up-line encouraged you to do just that. Like at a horse race, you were probably ‘chomping at the bit’ to get out there and tell everyone you knew about the fantastic business opportunity that was going to change your life.

But something happened along the way---you were doing just fine until you got your first rejection. Then you noticed that people weren’t excited to see you anymore---they didn’t share the same enthusiasm and excitement that was keeping you up at night. “What is wrong with these people?” you say. Are they blind...stupid?

Well, you are the persistent type and you reject the idea of giving up. After all, there is no success in quitting and besides, your up-line told you there would be days like this and they encourage you to just keep at it and to talk to everyone you know and soon your three will get three and so on.

The wind in your sails isn't blowing as hard anymore and your dreams of smooth sailing begins to turn into a nightmare. You feel helpless because your dream yacht has turned into a small dinghy drifting away from the safety of the shore and you don’t have a paddle or any idea how you will get back. You look around and you’re all alone---even the guy that told you about the wonderful opportunity is rejecting your calls and you’re feeling like you are all alone bobbing in an ocean of self doubt and you begin to second guess the validity of your own dreams.

The rejection becomes unbearable.

You try not to let it bother you, but when your friends cross the street when they see you coming, or the invites to the parties don’t seem to be coming like they used to do you begin to wonder if it is really worth the time to continue pursuing this silly dream. Your phone calls are not returned anymore because your friends and family know that all you want to do is talk to them about your business opportunity.

My fellow MLM'ers, there is a better way.

Just like you, I struggled to make my business work. I was motivated and determined to make it to the top---even if it killed me. I went to the hotel meetings, sat in strangers’ living rooms, and I watched people get on the stage who shared their fantastic stories of deep down-lines and six figure incomes and lifestyles that I’d only seen on TV. They made it look easy, it would only natural for me to feel there was no reason why I couldn’t do it too. But, as you and I both know, it is easier said than done.

Here is a little secret, a lot of sponors don’t tell you, only a very small percentage of the people in any MLM business ever make it to the stage. While this may be hard to stomach, the dirty little secret is this: most people in MLM are satisfied to earn a couple hundred dollars a month. They use the products for their own use and they are happy with the little bit of income they receive. They do not have the desire nor motivation to achieve the results that the big dogs do. And this is exactly where I was until I listened to the call that would change my life.

Attractiuon Marketing changed everything.

Attractiuon Marketing revealed to me the secrets to building huge down-lines that literally explode. Rejection has become a thing of the past and I no longer chase my friends and family to listen to me rant and rave about my latest business opportunity. In fact, since learning Attraction Marketing, I have learned and applied powerful marketing techniques that has alklowed me to put 3 to 5 new people into my primary business every single day. Imagine what would happen if 20 to 30 people a week came into your business. What would that do to your comp plan? Or what about the business you WERE in before your dreams were stolen from you. It may seem hard to believe, but now I am the one doing the rejecting because I can’t handle all the calls that I receive since learning and applying the techniques shared in Attraction Marketing...I just can't handle It!!!!

My fellow business partner, a seat is waiting for you.

I encourage you to put rejection behind you. Find out how to get your phone ringing off the hook with people ‘chomping at the bit’ to find out what you know. Make rejection a thing of the past and watch your business explode and get you to the financial rewards you deserve. Your friends and family will love you for it.

© 2008 Copyright Magnetic Leadership Marketing. All Rights Reserved

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