See Your Way To Network Marketing Success  

Posted by Roger Smith

Visualization is more effective than ordinary goal setting, although in Network Marketing you still need to set goals to visualize about.

Have you ever watched a movie and found that your heart rate and breathing had both got faster. Why would this happen? It's the movie you say. But you are sitting in the comfort of your home, the movie is a pile of different colored lights, sounds and music coming from your TV set. You KNOW that you are safe.

So why does the body react the way that it does. It’s because the mind controls the body, and the mind is reacting to the visuals from the film. What if you could harness this same process to make your body react in the way you wanted. To do that you would have to control the stimulus that the mind gives the body. You can control this using visualization.

Why would you want to control your own body in this way? Here is an example; if you believe that all people are bad and out to get you, then you will be guarded when meeting anybody new. People will pick up on your body-language and find you distant and probably not like you very much. On the other hand you think that all people are good you will be more open with others and people will like you more. Your thoughts can actually become self-fulfilling. If you visualize that all people are good (despite any bad experiences), your body language will change according to this from the mind. Consequently people will like you more and are more likely to be good towards you.

Have you noticed how positive people seem to have less illness than others? If you are told that you have an illness, you often feel stressed about it. When you feel stressed the body releases chemicals. These chemicals are for the primitive flight or fight mechanism and are only supposed to be there for a short time. They should also be “burned off” by the flight or fight. However, by stressing about the illness we are putting those chemicals in our body for longer and not burning them off. This can actually damage our body over a period of time. In fact cancer actually feeds of these chemicals (which is why it is often associated with stress). The act of worrying about it makes it worse.

So what has all this to do about building a Network Marketing business? Visualize yourself as being successful with all your goals achieved. Try to feel how you would feel, picture how you would be standing, the expression on your face, how you would be dressed, what you might see or hear.

Also, visualize how people react to you with much more respect now that you are successful. As with the first example, this stimulus can change your body language, hence how people respond to you. This could lead to more sales or sign ups, hence more success.

Don’t worry about setting really high goals. If you aim for the stars and only reach the moon, then you are still a lot higher than you are were.

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