Your MLM Marketing Funnel - 4 Strategies To Put It Completely On Autopilot  

Posted by Roger Smith

There are simply so many benefits when you learn how to acquire your own free MLM leads, instead of purchasing MLM leads and starting to contact them for your business. First of all, we all can agree that if people receive to much rejection, they will quit. So recommending your downlines to purchase leads and start to cold call them will almost guarantee that they just loose their money and quit.

So if you are like most out there, then you probably want to learn how to get free leads for your MLM business, and duplicate that knowledge thru to your downline.

The truth is that the leads that you purchase from different companies are usually shared with a lot of other network marketers. Those kinds of MLM leads have answered an online request, if they are interested in, "Making Money Working From Home". That has nothing to do with, if they are interested in working with you, and your particular MLM company.

Once you learn how to get free MLM leads and traffic to your website using the power of Web Marketing 2.0 techqniques, then it will become totally different, because then you will have leads that have opted in for the right reasons. The main reason, is because those Leads have opted in because they want to receive more information from YOU, and your particular product and opportunity.

Another benefit is the viral effect you will get with those methods, when other people start to spread your content and links around the Internet. So using Web 2.0 advertising methods correctly, is definitely the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to generate tons of free MLM leads for your MLM business. In comparison with other advertising methods, these methods are not only highly effective and free, but always will be effective.

Another advantage is , that with these advertising methods it will allow you to stand out from the masses, and other people will view you as an expert. So spending the necessary time, so that you learn how to get Free MLM leads and traffic by using Web 2.0 advertising methods will probably be the smartest move that you can ever make.

Here are 4 strategies that will help you to position yourself as an expert and also help you to generate MLM leads and traffic to your website in the same process:

1. Use free advertising methods that brand YOU, and that also have the potential to put your primary MLM business on complete Autopilot. Ex...

Article marketing, Press release, Ebook marketing, Social bookmarking, Videos and Blogs are advertising methods that will help you to Brand and position yourself as an expert, which is of critical importance for MLM success.

( All those advertising methods have the potential to generate endless amounts of free MLM Leads and traffic, plus put your primary MLM business on complete Autopilot.)

2. Design a lead capture page and give away a free Ebook in exchange for your prospects contact information. The goal here is to GIVE away something of great value that has preferably YOUR NAME on it, so that you also win peoples trust and respect.

3. Use a "Tell A Friend" incentive. Offer an incentive if people pass on your Ebook to for example 5 of their friends.

4. Make a Video and post it on YOU TUBE and other Video submitting sites. Once your prospects arrive at your website you show them the rest of your movie in exchange for their name and primary email address.

When you have everything set up correctly, you will Brand yourself and at the same time you will generate tons of free MLM Leads and traffic to your website on complete autopilot.

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