A Good MLM Sponsor?...Your Success Depends on it.  

Posted by Roger Smith

So, you've found your new MLM opportunity, it's one where you can market with confidence, you've looked at the main website, it has extensive marketing and support plans to help you start the process of becoming a successful Internet MLM Marketer. So why wait sign-up quick and get started. But as with most companies you need to start through a sponsor, no problem there, find the site where you first discovered the product and join, after all, it doesn't matter who you join with, right?

If you’re a very experienced Internet Marketer with a large opt-in list you can market your new product, and get ready to rock and roll. On the other hand if you’re fairly new to all this Internet stuff, how important is your sponsor?

The company whose product you are about to market will have a very clear idea on how to market it. The marketing plan/approach will have been developed either over a few years or by experienced professionals, which means they can advise you on the best strategies to use. In fact they are so successful that they have many hundreds of thousands or even millions of people already selling their product and selling it their way. This might not be a problem if you are selling a product in a local community, but if you’re selling on the Internet you immediately hit a wall. Because there are going to be many people advertising or having the same company website as you. And you are at the back of the line.

This is where a good sponsor is so invaluable. Your sponsor has an interest in you being successful, the more members you attract to your downline, means the more members they have in their downline. So your sponsor can advise you on the company methods that have been successful for them in attracting new members and selling the product. But whatever you do don't forget the product, after all, if the product or service is no good then nobody will want to join or buy. Your sponsor may also have advice on marketing approaches that the company has not tried or deemed unable to fit into the company profile. Plus if your sponsor is good at marketing you may get 'spillover' into your downline. These are just a few of the many reasons for having a good sponsor.

So you see, it makes sense to have a good sponsor, but how do you find them?

Well this takes a little effort on your part, doing a search for your particular product or service on the search engines will show many sites trying to get you to join through them. Most of those sites will have similar promotion deals, much of the information on the product will come from the company's website. Keep in mind that you are looking for somebody with which you can have a good business relationship and even get to know on a more informal basis.

Many sites advertising your product are large sites, your product may just be a page or two, they may be promoting tens or hundreds of other products, can they give you a personal service or support?

Look for sites that are supported by individuals, then ask them via email or search their site for any evidence that they will support and help you as a sponsor.

Do they run a newsletter for the product or generic mlm newsletter?

Do they have a separate website for product support?

Can they be contacted easily by via the internet...email or messenger services, or by phone?

Don't just take their word if they say 'I will give you fantastic support' let them prove it to you.

The choice of a sponsor is only secondary to your choice of a MLM product or service, so be just as careful in that choice, without good all round support your MLM venture may end up like so many others, another forgotten webpage filed away in Google's lost archives.

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Building A Network Marketer's Mindset...The Keys to your MLM Success For the Long Haul  

Posted by Roger Smith

There are many MLM home-based business opportunities out there thanks to the internet. The same principles and attitude that you would apply to an offline business need to be also applied. Unfortunately many people fall victim to the trap that the internet promises you easy money. Don't be fooled because you'll only end up failing in the end.

There will be a lot of misinformation out there when you first start researching various online business opportunities. Don't get caught in all the hype. Think through it all carefully. You need to consider all of the things that you'll need in order to run a successful home-based business. After careful thought, you can then decide if you are up to what lies ahead. This way you won't feel disappointed. Instead, you'll be forced to work hard and follow through all the drama in order to achieve success.

The key factor for a thriving MLM home-based business lies with YOU. You need to have the right attitude, approach, and understanding if you expect things to happen. The internet is not necessarily a source for easy money. It's also not the place to make money without doing any work.

Think about all of the people you know who own a business, either online or offline. It can be any kind of business from a dog grooming service to a service station. Find out how many hours they work each day and if they still work even if their business is already closed to the public.

Most business owners work long after business hours. They continue to work hard through both good and bad times. Even if they are the boss, the goal is financial freedom. If you want to have a successful home-based online business, then you need to be willing to work extra hard without any hesitation.

You can work from home as long as you like and spend a reasonable amount of capital, if you can find a good online home-based opportunity. Many people are deceived that it takes minimal effort in order to earn money online because the cost of an online business is so much cheaper than putting up a physical offline business.

You need to be hard working, diligent, and dedicated when you have an online business. When you are faced with uncertainties, you should find the opportunity to persevere. Find new things and ways to get through difficulties and problems.

Note it will take time to establish a successful MLM business. Keep in mind though, that if you have the characteristics mentioned above and an effective plan, you will find a way to succeed. Envision yourself next year at this time, when you are able to see the products of your hard work.

There are both good and bad things when you have an MLM business. Just remember to keep looking up. It's all part of running any kind of business. Start researching for a good opportunity and make your dreams become a reality. Just follow the simple steps from this article, and you to will have a successful business.

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The Top Three Ways to Develop Leadership in Your MLM Downline Even If They Quit On You  

Posted by Roger Smith

Do you want to make more money in your mlm business and wish that your downline was as enthusiastic about making money from their business as you are? You might want to start thinking of building and training your downlines to build as leaders who can start building their own business on their own feet and in so doing generate massive profits for you.

So this article was is written for those who want to learn how they can make more money in their home based business by building the leaders in their downlines.

1. Focus on prospecting

Spend the greatest part of your energy on prospecting for new leads either to sell your product or to build as part of your downline and let your downline know this. The focus on any direct selling business, be it any home based business or otherwise, rests on generating more sales.

There is a great temptation by some people to get into the management trap. Avoid spending time managing your downlines and focus on getting the next lead for your business. You want downlines who are as motivated and serious about their business as you so that your downline will sky rocket. You should therefore teach your downline by your actions that massive lead generation is the key to their online internet home based business success.

2. Use Systems to leverage your efforts

The secret of top home based business owners is to use an automated system to sell, close and train your downlines. Let’s face it, you will never be able to teach your downlines all that you have learned, your knowledge will get diluted downstream.

3. Attitude is everything

Enthusiasm is contagious and you really should focus on helping your downline look beyond the fact that they are selling a product and help them realize that they are the boss of their own companies and they are looking for distributors to carry their products. Imagine you were the business development manager of a superior product and go around to select distributors for your products. That is how you should teach your downlines to approach prospects and build their downlines. With great conviction comes a great and powerful downline.

In order to develop a strong leadership at your downline, your need to teach them to spend their time prospecting, teach them to plug into a system so as to leverage on the system and allow you more time to do prospecting and lastly to develop a powerful personal attitude that will empower them to work at their business like there is no tomorrow. Take massive action today and teach your downlines to do likewise and you will see a surge of online profits coming your way in your business.

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MLM Leadership -Why Your Upline Will Always Fail You No Matter What.  

Posted by Roger Smith

Success in your MLM career initially depends on your sponsor and the quality of leaders in your MLM organization. But the reality is leaders bury their new distributors even before the business failure can kill them.

Now this is a shocking statement to make but the quality of leadership in the network marketing industry is extremely poor. The industry which is touted as the future of enterprise – and I fully subscribe to this view – accounts for 99 % failures among all new entrants. This kind of failure rate is not conducive to the growth of the industry. For such high failure rates, the leaderships in MLM hold the main responsibility.

Let's take a look and see how your leadership is failing you in this business.

Leadership Failure #1 - Playing the Numbers Game

The moment you are recruited into a network marketing opportunity, you are asked to create your list, list of warm circles and all the other people you know. The leaders insist that you to speak to everybody with a view to recruit them into business. Many get recruited just because they cannot refuse you, but never put enough time or effort into the business.

Every person you recruit is part of your business team. Would you recruit an employee in the same manner if you are in any other business? Would you choose anyone as your business partner just because they said yes? Or would you apply certain standards, assess their interest levels and their ability to contribute effectively to your business.

Leadership Failure #2 - Dumping Stocks

Most leaders are under pressure to achieve certain business volumes to sustain their own monthly incomes. In the guise of helping their distributors achieve higher positions they motivate them to invest on stocks to attain higher commission levels or positions in the hierarchy. Most distributors are unable to sell off the stocks as they lack the direct selling skill. Leaders blame the new distributor as not putting enough efforts and move on to another distributor.

The process gets repeated. Most distributors fail or hang on in the hope of making good their losses and keep losing more money. Leaders often justify their actions by showing the rare success as an example to all other distributors. This further plays havoc with the self esteem and morale of distributor accelerating their failure.

Leadership Failure #3 - Not Focusing on Training

Most leaders call some motivational pep talk and fiery raves as training. The quality and ability of the leaders to train their down lines in the skills necessary to succeed is questionable. The leaders themselves more often than not have become leaders due to chance heavy hitter in their team and collective volumes of their down lines. They lack the cutting edge leadership abilities to groom more leaders. The ability to inspire, facilitate and show how to achieve success is sadly lacking. They hide behind clich├ęd and oft repeated MLM jargons.

Leadership failure #4 - Not Allowing Originality and Dissent

Any creativity, originality and innovation is struck down in the name of systems which mostly favor the company or the top leadership. Dissent is viewed as disloyalty. Questioning the marketing plan is tantamount to revolution and you may be put down with a heavy hand. More often than not the leaders are insecure and are jealous of rising stars in their teams who take the spotlight away from them.

Leadership Failure #5 - Being Elitist

Leaders are treated as god themselves. MLM organizations too support this kind of behavior with special front row seating based on hierarchy. Lowly Distributors are not allowed to occupy front rows. Many Leaders also make it a point to arrive late not respecting the time of other distributors. Organizations too try to create a super star aura around the leaders. Distributors are made to rush to their leaders with autograph books and requesting photo opportunities. Some organizations have even qualifications (dump more stocks) for photo opportunities and special dinners with leaders where non qualifiers are not allowed creating a major divide between the leadership and distributors.

Final Views

The leadership must look down and distributor must stop looking up except when they require the genuine guidance of true leaders. In this business the leaders require the down lines more than the down line requiring the leader. It is an independent business where you are the boss. The hierarchical leader can be dispensed with if he does not add value to your own growth.

The network marketing/MLM industry must learn to create true leaders who can inspire with their vision, coach, and mentor to make sure of 99 % success rather than 99 % failures. The leadership must take the responsibility for such huge failure rates and made accountable as in other business organizations. Then and only then will this industry gain respectability and show healthy growth.

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