The Definitive Newbie’s Guide...9 Tips To MLM Prospecting Success  

Posted by Roger Smith

Here are 10 real basic tips to help you increase your prospecting goals success as a New Associate in your MLM/Networking Marketing business.

1. Show those Pearly Whites – SMILE!

This may seem silly to most people and MLM Heavyweights, but you would be amazed at the difference your voice will have when you smile compared to when you don’t. The person on the other end of the phone can really pick up on it. If you’re having problems with remembering to smile, consider placing a mirror next to the area you prospect calls and tape a note on it that says “SMILE”. It can make a world of difference to your business.

2. When you first talk to a new prospect, ask yourself this question: Is this someone I want to spend my time working with? If no, end the call with a good but polite close.

Remember this is YOUR business, whether it is MLM / Network Marketing, or any other business, and you have the choice of working with anyone you choose. If you are talking with someone and you don’t feel you would like to spend your time working with them, then don’t. Politely end the call and move on.

3. Your Own Personal Cheer Squad!

Enthusiasm is contagious. Let your prospect hear and feel your excitement in what you’re doing. Enthusiasm is like a magnet. People are attracted to those who are excited. They want to be a part of that. They will want what you have.

4. Stop chasing Tire Kickers.

Don’t waste your time chasing after prospects who continually miss follow up appointments. Be understanding if they miss the first one, but after that, move on. They are not interested, and your time is more valuable than that. Use it to find people who ARE interested in what you have to give them.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Constantly practice your phone script until you have it memorized and it begins to sound like a normal conversation. Use a family member or close friend to practice with. With just a little practice it will become second nature to you!

6. Call 10 more leads than you called yesterday.

Have fun with this by challenging yourself to make 10 more dials than you did the day before. Constantly do this and you will be shocked at how your business will grow!

7. Work your business every day.

There is an old saying that still works today: Plan your work, and work your plan. Write out your prospecting plans and then stick to them. Plan the times you’ll make calls, hand out business cards, flyers, etc.

8. Shut Up and Listen...You Just Missed Something.

This is a very important tip. You’ve heard it said before I’m sure…God gave us two ears and one mouth for a good reason. While that may seem like a cute saying, it’s full of wisdom.

Be sure you really LISTEN to your prospect. Don’t be so intent on telling your prospect all the information about your company, your opportunity, etc., that you lose track of what your prospect is trying to tell you. Listen to what they’re saying, what they are wanting, and then see if what you have is a match.

Show you care about them by listening to what they tell you. You’ll be amazed at the results.

10. Never quit!

Understand that you will have rejection in your business. Not everyone is going to want what you are offering. It’s no big deal. Don’t take it personally. Think of it like this:

Don’t let small problems that come up, or rejections, knock you out of your plans and dreams for a better future. Don’t quit!

If you actually use these tips and apply them with your strategies in your prospecting activities, I you will see a huge increase in your results. Keep reaching for your goals!

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Do You Ever See MLM Really Being Your Cup Of Tea?  

Posted by Roger Smith

How is it that some people choose to do network marketing instead of a traditional 9 to 5 job? The answer. They want more time freedom as well as money. Network marketing falls into those categories. Are you in one of those categories? If you are, the good news is that network marketing will be able to fulfill your wishes but it is not for everyone. Most people will think that network marketing is all about building 3 or 4 down lines and expect to them to expand your network by magic. But really folks it does not work that way. It's all about communication, motivation and helping each other. This is the correct way to build your team, it's not only about just selling.

Hence the question, is MLM really your cup of tea? The bad news is not everyone is cut out to do it. People who are looking to get rich quick or people who are lazy, this is not for you.

You might have the misconception that network-marketing is get rich program or some illegal scheme, you are wrong. Give me a second to inform you, it is a legitimate business model which enables you to make recurring income. An illegal scheme has nothing to sell, it merely takes someone else’s money and pays you.

I have to confess that in the beginning stages, I didn't receive one paycheck. That's just the beginning. To succeed you need to be determined, hardworking and have a desire for success. You need to have a goal or a reason why! It can be more time that you want so that you can spend more time with you family or it can be more money you want so that you can buy the things you always wanted. You need to have a goal or a reason to work for and that's what ultimately drives you to work towards your success.

Okay...lazy people, I'm not saying that it is not totally for you. Listen close, I was once a lazy student, I didn't do my homework and I always was late for lectures. But, if I can go from a lazy guy to now a driven person, you can do it to.

One thing I learned was that the only person that could stop you from doing anything is YOU. Only you will determine what you want or want to be. If you tell yourself that you want to succeed, you will!!!

To sum up everything, MLM is not a get rich quick scheme but a get rich quicker, longer and legitimate program. It's not for lazy people but if you decided to change (just like I did) then be prepare for incredible amounts of growth and wealth.

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5 MLM Lead Capture Page Marketing Tips for Newbies and Heavy Hitters  

Posted by Roger Smith

I want everyone to consider this, if you don't have a way to get free MLM leads, you won't have nor be in a business for too long. At least not if you want to build a million dollar empire and double your income. Competition is just too strong for that. Today there are thousands of different MLM companies and many network marketers out there, that all are competing over the same prospects. Now it's time for you to step it up and it's time to demand.

Learning how to get free leads isn't enough. Say that you get 50 visitors per day to your capture page, but only 2% of the prospects opt - in for more information, because your capture page wasn’t good enough. Then you're literally throwing money down the toilet.

First you want to learn how to get free MLM leads effectively by using articles, press releases, ebooks, social bookmarking and blogs. Second: you also need to design a highly effective lead capture page.

1.) Headline:

To start with you want to write an "attention grabbing" headline, where you try to paint an emotional charged picture in the prospects head. The best way to do that is that you “Put The Promise” in the Headline, so the prospects starts to imagine what your offer could either “Gain them”, or the “Pain” they must go through if they decide to not opt-in for more information.

2.) Offer:

The stronger the offer, the bigger the chance that you get the prospects name and email address. Right away, when they arrive at your site, you want to answer the prospects biggest question: “What’s in it For Me?” You can do that by giving them for example a High value Free Report, Video, Ebook, etc on the subject that they are interested about. You can give away all kinds of stuff as long as it’s good quality content and relevant. So if the prospect arrived at your site because they searched for information on Free MLM Leads, you should probably offer a bonus related to that.

3.) Video

Even better if you also have automatic Audio or Video that starts to play when the prospects arrives at your Lead Capture Page. The reason for that is simple because people are extremely busy these days, so you only have a few seconds to snap their attention, otherwise they will leave. Another benefit with Audio and Video is that it also makes your Lead Capture Page more personal and different, so you stand out more from all the “masses” out there.

4.) Bullets

The next thing you do on your Lead Capture Page is to list some of your best benefits where you give away some of the content but not giving away the actual secret, so you want your “bullet points” to be blind. You should also try to get your “bullet points” (Same as the Headline) to create the 2 biggest motivators of mankind, which is “Fear Of Loss” and “Gaining Pleasure”. The reason for that is because that, every action people take in their life is either because of one of those 2 powerful motivators.

5.) Opt-In Form

You want to have 2 Forms on the Lead Capture Page where your prospects can leave their name and primary email address is because all people are different. Some people react faster then others, so for the “Fast Reactors” you want to have a Form on the top of your Lead Capture Page, just a bit down below the Headline. The key is to have the Form high enough so that your prospects can see the Form as soon as they arrive to your site. For the more "I need to think more about it" prospects, that needs more information and who are “Slow Pokes” you want to have a second form. So for those kinds of prospects you expand your offer and add a second Form.

Designing a highly effective Lead Capture page as described above, and becoming an expert on acquiring Free MLM Leads, will not only take your MLM business to the next level. You can also easily sell your own How To get Free MLM Leads information product to the millions of network marketers out there, that has no idea on how to do this effectively.

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6 Reasons Why Recruiting Your Warm Market Will Be A Daunting Task  

Posted by Roger Smith

As we begin our journey in our network marketing business, one of the techniques taught by many old school mlm heavy hitters, is to draft a list of friends and family members as mlm leads for your business.

In order to build a solid network marketing business, it is necessary to have access to a list of responsive leads that are interested in whatever you as the distributor are marketing.

The problem with a warm market list is that your friends and family members are usually the hardest market to approach and the least responsive.

There are 8 fundamental stages that make recruiting your warm market list a huge task because of the prospecting time-line you must endure to get them to make a choice and possibly get in. As you talk about the possibility to earn income with your business, you should be aware of these levels of readiness your prospect needs to go through.

1. Disbelief:

As you first approach your warm market, their first reaction is not to believe a word you say about making money with your business. They see you coming and begin to avoid you because they know you're about to pitch them again. Some would even not welcome you in their homes if you don't let up on the pitch.

2. Curiosity:

In the event that your business survives its first 6 months and they see you're still at it, their curiosity peeks. They would ask...

"So how is your business going?"

What they're really are trying to say here is...

Ahhh, you have been doing this for a while, either you're very tenacious or are making some money to sustain doing what you're doing this long.

3. Surprise:

If they can use your products as consumers, they might get to realize the benefits. If you can get them to use your products or get them to see your paycheck and if it is worthwhile in their eyes, they will be surprised of your position.

4. Envy:

Besides the money in MLM, the lifestyle that you can lead can trigger a great deal of envy among your warm market. They've witnessed your development and they do wonder how you could have managed while they were still sitting idle having been skeptical about your experience all along.

5. Respect:

Your warm market leads now have seen how you work your business, have seen the commitment you have to it, and also have seen the time investment you have put into growing your business. They'll respect your focus and your motivation as someone who has done different things with the same background as they have.

6. Participation:
Your warm market has done their due diligence and are convinced that the opportunity is also open to them, then this is the most adequate time for you to recruit your warm market leads into your business.

Approaching people you know to sell them on your new business is extremely difficult. They are people that know you, are familiar with your lifestyle, the car you drive, the house where you live, and the work you do. It is difficult to entice any kind of response from them when you have personally not created the success you would preach them about. You need to prove yourself to them before they would take you seriously.

Because warm market marketing has a longer prospecting time-line, the best course of action is to leave it alone initially and concentrate on positioning your products in the market place. Research where the potential consumers for your products are, how to attract that market based on their own desires and needs for what you market. Promote the merits and benefits of your products to that sector of the market.

As long as you're still struggling to make it in your business, recruiting your warm market will be a hard task, a waste of your time, and you'll end up with fewer friends and family members to invite you for the next family get together.

© 2008 Copyright Magnetic Leadership Marketing. All Rights Reserved

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