6 Reasons Why Recruiting Your Warm Market Will Be A Daunting Task  

Posted by Roger Smith

As we begin our journey in our network marketing business, one of the techniques taught by many old school mlm heavy hitters, is to draft a list of friends and family members as mlm leads for your business.

In order to build a solid network marketing business, it is necessary to have access to a list of responsive leads that are interested in whatever you as the distributor are marketing.

The problem with a warm market list is that your friends and family members are usually the hardest market to approach and the least responsive.

There are 8 fundamental stages that make recruiting your warm market list a huge task because of the prospecting time-line you must endure to get them to make a choice and possibly get in. As you talk about the possibility to earn income with your business, you should be aware of these levels of readiness your prospect needs to go through.

1. Disbelief:

As you first approach your warm market, their first reaction is not to believe a word you say about making money with your business. They see you coming and begin to avoid you because they know you're about to pitch them again. Some would even not welcome you in their homes if you don't let up on the pitch.

2. Curiosity:

In the event that your business survives its first 6 months and they see you're still at it, their curiosity peeks. They would ask...

"So how is your business going?"

What they're really are trying to say here is...

Ahhh, you have been doing this for a while, either you're very tenacious or are making some money to sustain doing what you're doing this long.

3. Surprise:

If they can use your products as consumers, they might get to realize the benefits. If you can get them to use your products or get them to see your paycheck and if it is worthwhile in their eyes, they will be surprised of your position.

4. Envy:

Besides the money in MLM, the lifestyle that you can lead can trigger a great deal of envy among your warm market. They've witnessed your development and they do wonder how you could have managed while they were still sitting idle having been skeptical about your experience all along.

5. Respect:

Your warm market leads now have seen how you work your business, have seen the commitment you have to it, and also have seen the time investment you have put into growing your business. They'll respect your focus and your motivation as someone who has done different things with the same background as they have.

6. Participation:
Your warm market has done their due diligence and are convinced that the opportunity is also open to them, then this is the most adequate time for you to recruit your warm market leads into your business.

Approaching people you know to sell them on your new business is extremely difficult. They are people that know you, are familiar with your lifestyle, the car you drive, the house where you live, and the work you do. It is difficult to entice any kind of response from them when you have personally not created the success you would preach them about. You need to prove yourself to them before they would take you seriously.

Because warm market marketing has a longer prospecting time-line, the best course of action is to leave it alone initially and concentrate on positioning your products in the market place. Research where the potential consumers for your products are, how to attract that market based on their own desires and needs for what you market. Promote the merits and benefits of your products to that sector of the market.

As long as you're still struggling to make it in your business, recruiting your warm market will be a hard task, a waste of your time, and you'll end up with fewer friends and family members to invite you for the next family get together.

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