The Definitive Newbie’s Guide...9 Tips To MLM Prospecting Success  

Posted by Roger Smith

Here are 10 real basic tips to help you increase your prospecting goals success as a New Associate in your MLM/Networking Marketing business.

1. Show those Pearly Whites – SMILE!

This may seem silly to most people and MLM Heavyweights, but you would be amazed at the difference your voice will have when you smile compared to when you don’t. The person on the other end of the phone can really pick up on it. If you’re having problems with remembering to smile, consider placing a mirror next to the area you prospect calls and tape a note on it that says “SMILE”. It can make a world of difference to your business.

2. When you first talk to a new prospect, ask yourself this question: Is this someone I want to spend my time working with? If no, end the call with a good but polite close.

Remember this is YOUR business, whether it is MLM / Network Marketing, or any other business, and you have the choice of working with anyone you choose. If you are talking with someone and you don’t feel you would like to spend your time working with them, then don’t. Politely end the call and move on.

3. Your Own Personal Cheer Squad!

Enthusiasm is contagious. Let your prospect hear and feel your excitement in what you’re doing. Enthusiasm is like a magnet. People are attracted to those who are excited. They want to be a part of that. They will want what you have.

4. Stop chasing Tire Kickers.

Don’t waste your time chasing after prospects who continually miss follow up appointments. Be understanding if they miss the first one, but after that, move on. They are not interested, and your time is more valuable than that. Use it to find people who ARE interested in what you have to give them.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Constantly practice your phone script until you have it memorized and it begins to sound like a normal conversation. Use a family member or close friend to practice with. With just a little practice it will become second nature to you!

6. Call 10 more leads than you called yesterday.

Have fun with this by challenging yourself to make 10 more dials than you did the day before. Constantly do this and you will be shocked at how your business will grow!

7. Work your business every day.

There is an old saying that still works today: Plan your work, and work your plan. Write out your prospecting plans and then stick to them. Plan the times you’ll make calls, hand out business cards, flyers, etc.

8. Shut Up and Listen...You Just Missed Something.

This is a very important tip. You’ve heard it said before I’m sure…God gave us two ears and one mouth for a good reason. While that may seem like a cute saying, it’s full of wisdom.

Be sure you really LISTEN to your prospect. Don’t be so intent on telling your prospect all the information about your company, your opportunity, etc., that you lose track of what your prospect is trying to tell you. Listen to what they’re saying, what they are wanting, and then see if what you have is a match.

Show you care about them by listening to what they tell you. You’ll be amazed at the results.

10. Never quit!

Understand that you will have rejection in your business. Not everyone is going to want what you are offering. It’s no big deal. Don’t take it personally. Think of it like this:

Don’t let small problems that come up, or rejections, knock you out of your plans and dreams for a better future. Don’t quit!

If you actually use these tips and apply them with your strategies in your prospecting activities, I you will see a huge increase in your results. Keep reaching for your goals!

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