Do You Ever See MLM Really Being Your Cup Of Tea?  

Posted by Roger Smith

How is it that some people choose to do network marketing instead of a traditional 9 to 5 job? The answer. They want more time freedom as well as money. Network marketing falls into those categories. Are you in one of those categories? If you are, the good news is that network marketing will be able to fulfill your wishes but it is not for everyone. Most people will think that network marketing is all about building 3 or 4 down lines and expect to them to expand your network by magic. But really folks it does not work that way. It's all about communication, motivation and helping each other. This is the correct way to build your team, it's not only about just selling.

Hence the question, is MLM really your cup of tea? The bad news is not everyone is cut out to do it. People who are looking to get rich quick or people who are lazy, this is not for you.

You might have the misconception that network-marketing is get rich program or some illegal scheme, you are wrong. Give me a second to inform you, it is a legitimate business model which enables you to make recurring income. An illegal scheme has nothing to sell, it merely takes someone else’s money and pays you.

I have to confess that in the beginning stages, I didn't receive one paycheck. That's just the beginning. To succeed you need to be determined, hardworking and have a desire for success. You need to have a goal or a reason why! It can be more time that you want so that you can spend more time with you family or it can be more money you want so that you can buy the things you always wanted. You need to have a goal or a reason to work for and that's what ultimately drives you to work towards your success.

Okay...lazy people, I'm not saying that it is not totally for you. Listen close, I was once a lazy student, I didn't do my homework and I always was late for lectures. But, if I can go from a lazy guy to now a driven person, you can do it to.

One thing I learned was that the only person that could stop you from doing anything is YOU. Only you will determine what you want or want to be. If you tell yourself that you want to succeed, you will!!!

To sum up everything, MLM is not a get rich quick scheme but a get rich quicker, longer and legitimate program. It's not for lazy people but if you decided to change (just like I did) then be prepare for incredible amounts of growth and wealth.

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