3 Easy Steps MLM Newbie’s Can Attract And Catch Mlm Prospects Like A “Big Game Hunter”  

Posted by Roger Smith

So you want to attract network marketing prospects to you and your business opportunity but just don't know how to quite do it then keep reading this article is made for you.

So first things first, have you ever gone hunting before?

Well, even if you haven't you'll be able to see what I'm talking about. So what's the first thing you do when you go hunting?

#1: Go where the big game (your MLM prospects) are…

Everyone knows if you plan on catching big game, you have to go where the game is. That's the same thing for MLM prospects. You have to go where your prospects are hanging out, where they're going to, where they're swarming to and where they are found in heavy abundance.

So put on your thinking (hunters) cap… Where would a majority of new fresh prospects hang out, where are they already going, and where can I find them in high abundance? You guessed it...


But you might be asking where on the internet?

There are a many places that come to mind: forums, article directories, social networking sites, blogs, and the list goes on and on.

Now that you know a few places where you can find prospects merging in "high abundance" the next thing you need is to …

Step 2: Set the Trap…

So what trap can you use to attract your MLM prospects?

Well it's easy – "free ‘how to' information". What kind of "how to" information you ask? Information on "how to" build a successful business. Remember, your "ideal" prospect is someone who is already searching for information on "how to" build a successful home business.

A better way to put this is to offer "something valuable for nothing". Just think about the prey in the forest. When they see that "tasty" bait just sitting there – the prey will come to YOU because you offered it "something valuable for nothing" – a tasty meal.

And it's the exact same thing with your MLM prospects. When you offer them "something valuable for nothing" – in the form of free "how to" info, they'll flock to you and "bite" on the bait and give you their name and email address instead of you having to chase them down, as it should be.

Step 3: Slowly Bait Them In

So you got the prey to "bite" on the bait (you've got a prospect to give you their name, email address in exchange for your free information). Now you need to get them into whatever you have to offer. If you get too anxious – your prey is gone. So you have to SLOWLY reel them in.

This is done with MLM prospects through follow-up. You have to continue to draw them closer and closer to your business by giving your prospects valuable information and giving them the OPTION of checking out your opportunity afterwards on a continuous basis.

Most network marketers just pitch their opportunity up front giving it more or less a "hit or miss" approach and wonder why they aren't getting any prey in their trap (new reps into their business).

So if you're struggling with MLM prospects and aren't adding enough reps into your business than you might have hoped than simply follow these steps and soon enough you'll have more prey hopping into your business than you know what to deal with.

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