Having All The MLM Leads You Need To Succeed As A Newbie In The Industry  

Posted by Roger Smith

The biggest hurdle facing most newbies in MLM has nothing to do with selling your primary companies products. The chief hurdle a newbie in the industry usually faces involves building a successful downline. Just how do you find recruits who are interested in becoming part of your MLM sales team?

Before you go out and start trying to generate leads for your business, you need to have a plan. It just isn’t good enough to tell people about your MLM business and its products and expect them to sign up. You need to know as much as you possibly can about being a distributor/marketer, the products, and the compensation plan so that you can answer any questions your new prospect may have.

The more knowledge you have and the more comfortable you become, the easier it is to make people want to become part of your opportunity and team. Not knowing the answers to their questions or giving vague answers is more likely to make any new prospect you do generate not trust you nor your opportunity. Also make sure you have a follow-up plan for what you’ll do after you’ve generated some leads and started making contacts because it will normally take several contacts (5-7) before people take action of any kind, when considering buying a product or signing up for a MLM opportunity.

Once you become confident with the ends and outs of building your business inside and out, you’re ready to start generating those leads. One of the first places to look, of course, is to your friends and personal acquaintances. A lot of the time, even if your friends and acquaintances aren’t interested themselves, they can give you referral names of people they know who will be interested in your opportunity. And if they don’t volunteer any names, don’t hesitate to ask them, politely of course, ask for names of people you can contact.

MLM trade journals are another good place to generate leads for your home based business. These journals are read by people who are already interested in MLMs which makes them a “warm” market. Including a press release with your ad will greatly improve the number of inquiries you get. And make your ad for your MLM home based business as different from the other ads as possible. This is important so that your home based business MLM ad doesn’t get lost in a sea of others.

Buying MLM leads is one of the most popular ways to generate leads for your MLM home based business. Many companies have email lists and phone number lists for people who have expressed their interest in getting information on MLM opportunities. Often you can even buy MLM leads who want to be involved with your particular type of MLM home based business opportunity.

When buying MLM leads for your MLM home based business opportunity, you want to be sure you’re getting them from a reputable company. You don’t want to buy an out-of-date MLM leads list or one that’s been sold over and over. So does some research on the list selling company before you buy. Also, be sure to check any phone numbers you buy in the Do Not Call Registry. Doing this is your responsibility, not the company’s you buy the list from, so you need to be sure to check them before you call. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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