The Most Important Advice You Will Ever Get...MLM Leaders Are Readers!!!  

Posted by Roger Smith

A well noted business leader once said that he could predict where anyone would be in life financially in 5 years. It was simply a matter of the books one reads and what they do with their spare time.

Remember this...Leaders Are Readers. Simple as that, if you are going to be a leader of a large network marketing organization you must be a eager reader. There are books on almost every subject matter in the business. Some of these are going to serve you especially well as you build your business. Here are some tips that you should look out for in your journey.

1. People Skills

Relating well to people and making new friends is what this industry is all about. You must become an expert in and at meeting people and feeling comfortable with people.

2. Sales Skills

No matter what network marketing business you are involved with it will help you immensely to have some salesmanship skills. Often, business plans are presented in a way so as to make it sound like selling products is not necessary, but I promise you that all the people making big money in network marketing know how to sell. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a skill you are born with. It is a skill that is learned and practiced.

3. Marriage/Relationship Books

Many network marketing participants are husband and wife teams. Even if you are single, you must read some books on marriage because you will probably have married couples in your downline. Divorce and marriage scandals can destroy your network marketing business overnight, so don’t take this lightly.

4. Leadership Books

If you are serious about building a large organization or having a large customer base then you are going to have to become a skilled leader of people. There are many popular leadership authors out there.

Make sure you are reading every day. If you have never read consistently before then just start with 15 minutes per day. Eventually, you want to work your way up to where you are reading for 30-60 minutes at least each day.

Each one of these ideas is critical to your success. It’s also a good idea to check out some of the other resources available at They have some good articles that cover the basics of building a solid network marketing business.

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