7 Surefire Tips On How To Get Ready To Put Attraction Marketing On Auto-pilot.  

Posted by Roger Smith

Attraction marketing is about making a customer for life not just making a sale. It's about connecting your passion in business with your perfect clients and customers and giving them a enjoyable experience with your company. People like buying but they hate being sold stuff.

Attraction marketing is based on alignment with Universal law and the principles of positive energy not on struggle, lack, and resistance. When using the principals of attraction marketing you are leading not selling. You need to give value and be of service every step of the way without giving away the store. These 7 tips will get you ready to put attraction marketing into action.

1. Begin with the end in mind- what are your big vision success intentions for your business? This is where you would look at what you REALLY want to create with your business in the next 5 years, it’s more than bottom line, its inspirational to you.

2. Get very clear on what you really want your business to do for you? Look at the amount of income you want, what your life will feel like with a successful business. What benefits will a thriving business bring into your life...?

3. How do you want to be of service and what contribution would you like to make in the lives of your clients and customers? It doesn’t matter if you have a service business or product business, the clear intention of being of service positions you for success from satisfied customers and their referrals.

4. What are you most passionate about doing in your business? Where you have passion you have confidence, enthusiasm, and success. You are magnetically attractive to your customers when you are being passionate about your work.

5. What are the solutions you really enjoy providing for your customers? When you are clear on the solutions you enjoy providing you are giving your customers a greater benefit. Your passion about delivering these solutions gives your customers an edge in solving their challenges and using your solutions for lasting effect.

6. What is a clear definition of your different client niches? Having specific and clearly defied niches does not limit your audience, in fact it broadens and deepens your pool of customers and makes them much easier to market to. Clearly defining your niches is as much about who would be a perfect customer in your mind as it is about their characteristics, demographics, psychographics...

7. Take stock of where you are- has success been a struggle for you? Do you seem to have the same resistance and road bocks? Does it seem like you have a self imposed glass ceiling to your financial flow? Are there any beliefs you hold about your own success that are getting in your way? You will need to become aware of these and dissolve them before you can become an attraction magnet to success on your terms.

Attraction marketing doesn't have to replace your other methods of marketing. For example, I still network and keep up with my relationship marketing and soon to come podcasting. But it sure is an easy way to really step up your results and practically put your marketing on auto-pilot.

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How to Attract and Excite Your Prospects  

Posted by Roger Smith

When you hear the word “marketing” what comes to mind? More business or wasted money? If your experience with marketing or advertising has been less than positive your cynicism may be well founded. Yet, have you ever noticed a competitor with a mediocre product and a healthy business? The difference is often marketing.

Some say they’ve never done marketing and don’t need to because of good word- of-mouth. Positive word-of-mouth is great, but not enough if you’re serious about growing your business. Others do invest in marketing yet treat it as a necessary evil. The problem with that mindset is that it’s driving with the brakes on. Those people sabotage their efforts by making poor decisions, taking half-measures and often resisting anything innovative.

When asked about the “one big key” to marketing success I reply that there’s nothing more important than a “marketing mindset”. A marketing mindset is an attitude, a way of thinking, that values and embraces the power of marketing. If you look at the companies and brands that are most successful -- Nike, Microsoft, Virgin, Trump, Saturn, Kenneth Cole, etc -- you’ll find someone at the top with a marketing mindset. People like Trump, Cole, and Virgin’s Richard Branson may have it instinctively. For most, however, it’s a learned attribute. So, if you don’t have a marketing mindset yet, keep reading and start to get one.

Follis Fact #1
You need a Marketing Mindset.

Attracting vs. Chasing

A guy sees a beautiful woman in a bar, tracks down her name and number, calls her up and says, "Hi, my name is Joe and I’m great in bed." That’s cold calling. Another guy sees a beautiful woman in a bar and gives her a napkin that says, "I’m Bill and I’m great in bed." That’s direct marketing. A third guy sees a beautiful woman in a bar, has his ex-girlfriend go up to her and say, "See that cute guy over there? He’s my ex, his name is Tom, and he’s really great in bed." That’s PR. Last guy walks into a bar, a beautiful woman approaches him and says, "Hi, my name is Courtney and I hear you’re really great in bed." That’s effective marketing.

Attraction is the essence of marketing. When you create enough desire to get your prospect to come to you, they’ll always be more predisposed to buying. That bares repeating. When you create enough desire to get your prospect to come to you, they’ll always be more predisposed to buying. The challenge, of course, is that your prospect is elusive prey. So, imagine the first rabbit hunters. They’d exhaust themselves

using spears and rocks until a more evolved Neanderthal got the idea of using carrots. Or, imagine the girl who desperately wants a date, but can’t understand why she scares guys away when she chases them. Unfortunately, too many businesses act like that girl chasing for a date by putting lots into selling and nothing into marketing.

Follis Fact #2
It’s always better to attract than chase.

Expense vs Investment

Those who don’t understand marketing view it as an expense. Those with a marketing mindset know it’s an investment. They know that, if done right, it can excite their prospects and produce a great return. “Done right” means well- researched, well-managed, and generally handled by someone who knows what they’re doing. Regarding expense, being a small business is a bad excuse to do nothing. Start small, but do something. There are plenty of cost-effective, non- traditional ways to do a test. So, if you want to grow, you can’t afford not to develop a marketing plan.

Have a Great Product

At the risk of stating the obvious, a big key for marketing success is having a great product. In his best-selling book, Purple Cow, marketing guru Seth Godin calls it, "being remarkable." It’s about having a product or service that’s exceptional.

Though many non-remarkable products may seem to do well because of great marketing, no long-term success can be achieved without a great product. In fact, if a product is not great, great marketing will usually make it fail faster. People will buy it, not like it, and never buy it again.

Case in point: Ever see an exciting teaser for an upcoming movie? It can make a lot of people run out and buy a ticket. The problem starts a couple of weeks later when folks see the movie, hate it, and then spread the word. Before you know it, the movie’s gone. Here’s another case. Remember New Coke? If not, you’re not alone. It didn’t last long. Despite the marketing muscle that Coke put behind it, the Coke- drinking public decided they were quite happy with the old Coke. Another case involves a new tropical hotel. Eager to jump-start his business the owner got tour directors and travel writers to check it out and hopefully generate some good buzz. Problem was, the hotel wasn’t finished. Had he waited a couple more months he would’ve gotten great reviews. Now he’ll be lucky if those tour directors and writers give him another shot.

If businesses spent less energy trying to sell their product and more on improving it, they’d have more success in the long run.

Follis Fact #3
Great marketing will make a bad product fail faster.

Follis Fact #4
The better your product, the better your marketing can be.

Excite vs. Inform

A lot of marketing doesn’t do the whole job. It informs, but doesn't excite. The fact is, it doesn't matter if you have the best product if you're not getting prospects excited. If you don't excite your prospect, you won’t sell your product. So, how do you excite your prospect? Start by acknowledging that your prospect isn’t just a prospect. She’s a person with emotions who doesn’t respond with just her head. She responds with her heart, soul, and funny bone. As a marketer, you must tap into the right emotional and psychological nerve that gets your prospect excited.

For example, when Canon wants to sell its new camera to families, they’ll tout its high-tech features, but that’s not ultimately how they’ll sell it. They’ll sell it by associating those features with the things that we, as humans, care about ... a child’s first steps, a great vacation, or a 90th birthday celebration. When Chrysler targets NFL-watching guys with a spot for its new sports car, there’s a reason they use quick cuts, heavy-metal music, and mention it goes 150 mph. Will you drive 150 mph? Doubtful. Does that still excite the macho male libido? Absolutely.

Follis Fact #5
If you want’em excited about your product, you’d better get’em excited about your marketing.

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Learn The Secrets of The Gods of MLM and Network Marketing  

Posted by Roger Smith

The industry gets the idea. The big players know how to look for and "how to assess" a network marketing company, and the following three questions allow them to eliminate 95% of the companies they see:

1.Would I really buy this thing if I was not going to get a check?

Generally speaking, if the product is not one that you'd have any interest in, then your not going to be a success selling it. The key to your success is personal passion. Heavy hitters find something that they can stay pumped and motivated about no matter what happens. They then identify with the group of people for whom the product is designed to be sold to. If the answer is no, they simply say "alright' and move toward another opportunity.

2.Would somoene really pay that they pay that price for the product or service?

If not, it's not likely that anyone else will either. They know that people are not going to automatically pay more for a product just because they might get a bonus check. Success in network marketing is all about getting the product to the end-consumer. Someone who actually wants it and is willing to pay for it. Without movement in sales, t he business will quickly fail and any recruits will bail within 90 days. And let's be honest: the MLM industry is notorious for over-pricing mediocre products just so the company can pay out commissions. The product has to have a value that meets or exceeds the price tag. Otherwise, it's a waste of time. The only people paying $4 for that bar of soap or $13 for that bottle of shampoo are the other distributors.

3.How many people are needed on the team to break even?

This is one of the most overlooked factors when selecting a company. Most people get so enamored by the pay plan chart and the dream of building a team of thousands of people that they never bother to do any basic 3rd grade arithmetic.

Any serious business owner knows how much money he has to bring in to make a
profit and he can tell you. 99.9% of network marketers have no idea.

And it's easy to figure up. Get a pencil and paper and follow along:

Figure up how much it costs for you to operate your business each month. Product purchases, website, marketing, etc. This is your overhead. (Example: $400 a month)

Figure up the average commission you earn on an enrollment when someone signs up and buys the same amount of product you do. (if you get paid different percentages on different levels, take an average of your top three levels) This should be a dollar figure, not a percentage figure. (Example: $5.25 per person in your downline)

Divide the figure in step A by the figure in Step B. This is the number of people that you require in your downline to break even. (Example: $400 divided by $5.25 = 76 people).

Leaders know they should be able to break even on expenses with only 4-8 people on the team. The longer the team goes without earning profits, the more likely everyone gets frustrated and quits.

Here's what the leader does locally:

Convinces a leader in another company of the superiority of his company and pay plan and markets to the other marketer. That leader brings most of his downline and suddenly there's a new big player.

Sizzle Cards: Drops cards everywhere he goes so that every trip becomes a business trip to "distribute marketing materials" so even pumping gas becomes tax deductible. Those cards are so good that they get people to call the leader and he can brag about how he went to the top of the company in a hurry and by just doing what he teaches, that prospect can do the same. Sizzle cards, however, work great at any level in network marketing.

Here's what the leader does online:

Uses a list already created by a successful marketer and does a joint venture with the owner, maybe even paying to sponsor the owner for the owner to recommend the program to his list of highly qualified leads. Lots of people join and the big player goes up the ladder.

The leader also has automated traffic going to his sign-up site, a web page so well designed that it converts and recruits like crazy. Anybody can set up their own fully automated traffic system and get targeted prospects just like industry leaders. To set your own up for free, just click here.

Those are the secrets of big dogs, they leverage. Leaders realize that their most precious asset is time so they use it getting the time and efforts of other people to pay off for them.

Can anybody do what they do? Yes, but it requires persistence, diligence, lots of guts, and determination. Start with what you can do on your own, get some awesome sizzle cards and generate automated traffic to your own website.

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