The 6 Fundamentals A Newbie Needs To Master Magngnetic Sponsoring  

Posted by Roger Smith

It works without fail, every time. It can work with everything you are selling or promoting. It works on the principle of giving before receiving, and of offering more in value than you recieve in money. Your prospect must perceive an increase for themselves in order to want to interact with you. Magnetic Sponsoring is the technique that does this. Then this same technique is used to convert a prospect to a sale or business partner.

1. What Type Of Prospect Should I Target?

It is important to target the right audience to your business. It is a misconception that people looking for business opportunities will be likely candidates for your Network Marketing business opportunity. You will have more success with people already in the business. If you can help network marketers with their sponsoring problems (and we have all have them) you may get a person who might bring a downline in with them.

2. How Do I Attract Them?

Position yourself as an expert in the field of MLM. Hang out at forums and answer some of the newbie questions. If you don't know any of the answers you will need to educate yourself on that topic. This isn't difficult as the amount of information on the internet today means you can learn about almost anything as quickly as you like overnight. Another way is to write some useful articles and post them to the article sites with a link to your website there they my be able to look at articles that you have posted and feel more comfortable and start viewing you as an expert.

3. What Do I Need To Do?

In order to attract the right network marketers you need to make sure your system for the product or program you represents works. This would include lead capture page(s), Google Adwords, Yahoo Marketing, Blogs, Social Network sites etc In fact, a whole system that you can let your prospects use once they join your team.

I have a complete system I give in it's entirety to my team to use to get the fastest possible start with my company. It isn't quite an autopilot system but very nearly. It has the capabilities of generating over 5000 signup's to the business over a 12 month period. So, in short, get your system up and running and document it so you can pass it on to your downline for them to build your business.

4. Did I Choose The Right Company?

It really doesn't matter what you are promoting or who the company is. In fact even the payment plan isn't that important. What does matter is the fact that YOU can help the prospect to get to the level you are at with a good sound step by step SYSTEM. It is the fact that someone who is successful and willing to pass on all knowledge that matters to the prospect and will have them signing up.

5. Creating Hope for People

Most people join Network Marketing because of two reasons. Inspiration or pure Desperation. You need to create hope in the minds of your prospects. They need to know that if they follow you they can and will be successful like you. This fact alonewill help you succeed. You must help others to become successful and you in turn will have success as well.

6. The Most Important Part

I am a true believer in the law of Karma and try help others at every possible opportunity I can. My team benefits from my learning everyday and I in turn earn from helping them, spiritually and financially. Try this...Help 3 people tomorrow without expecting a "thank you" from them and you will get a nice surprise. I promise you that if you try this you will be amazed.

I have lived by Karma for a longtime now and I enjoy all the good things that come my way. Sure I also work hard for the things that I have but I just know someone is looking out for me. Try this system I know you will love it. You may also join my team if you are lost in mlm and want some direction.

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