Seeing Through The Network Marketing Training Illusion  

Posted by Roger Smith

Today those entering the home based business arena don't do so on the basis of network marketing and mlm training so that we can do cold canvass calling for prospecting purposes or sales purposes. However, all the training materials that are being sold today essentially points us in that direction along with mailing prospecting packages, card decks and buying leads. You need to remember that you really don't want to sell anything you just simply want to make money.

People fail because they can't sell and no amount of network marketing and mlm training is going to do it either. So now that we've cleared that away lets see where we can go from here.

Yes, working at home can be great, and yes many of us can do it successfully. First we don't need to spend money buying books, tapes, courses, training classes, seminars and what ever else. If this were 10 years ago then maybe we would because we didn't have the technology that is available today. Building a business requires that certain things must be done.

We have to sell products and or services to make money along with building an organization. Who's going to do that? No product or service is so good it'll practically sell itself. When was the last time a product walked up behind you, tapped you on the back and said... Buy me!

You’re told of all the great training your going to get to sell the product that practically sells itself because it's so good. Forget about it, you and I know better. What we can do is learn to use the mouse on our computer, get an online marketing system and poof...your on our way.

These systems will sell the products, will make the "sales" presentations and then follow up with the prospect helping them get involved. So with that we now have a fighting chance. By doing this we've eliminated a ton of reading, expense, time and alot of headaches. 95% of the people that start their businesses don't have a system that "sells" and "recruits" therefore they fail. Because they are NOT SALES people.

That’s why mlm and network marketing as a whole is a good concept because those owners and managers have these facts, and arranged to have most of the answers to remove the majority of the obstacles.

How much training do we really need to run a system already made, tested and proven? In these times it boils down to how much do you want to exit the rat race to take back your life and what's that worth to you? Answer that to determine your budget and don't spend a lot of it on network marketing and mlm training because you don't need it.

Finally... Have your MLM Prospects Call You First!!!  

Posted by Roger Smith

Wouldn't it be nice to have your leads calling you for a change? I'm going to show you how that can become a reality. First off I have to ask you a question. My question is... why do you need a sponsor in the first place?

The reason is that new associates feel that a sponsor can truly show him the way to freedom. The perceived value of the sponsor is truly high.

In other words, the new associate feels that the sponsor can show them a plan to duplicate their success. So how do you raise your perceived value which will lead to more sign ups?

The answer is simple; you need to add more value to yourself. You probably knew I was going to say that though, let me explain.

First you need to know what value really is in this industry. Value is knowledge and information, plain and simple. The information you know will truly lead others to success. The main reason I sponsored with my current team member is because he know more than me about marketing and promoting.

My perceived value of him was extremely high, so I didn't have to think twice about joining him.

Back to the question of how to gain value. Go out and learn something your prospects don't know. Fill a need or a problem that your prospects have. Give them the information for free and teach them all that you know.

The golden rule of marketing states, "Give without any expectation of getting something in return." Ok... I just made that up, but it should be a golden rule in marketing because people have this industry very twisted.

Everyone expects people to just join up with them on their team automatically. Throw some replicated websites up and sponsor them, it's that easy. Don't get me wrong, there are some new associates that are doing thiss but the people in their organization have a high drop out rate after three months. Do you really want to rebuild your organization every three months?

If one of these people came up to me and said, "Hey you should join my business." I would take that as, "Hey I don't know you, but give me 1000 bucks."

Ultimately people join people, not a product, not a comp plan and not a company. They join you. So ask yourself a question. Would you want to join you? This is huge, once you truly believe deep in your heart that you can help people then yes people will want to work with you.

Please do it right the first time and you will have long term success, I guarantee it. Helping people for free builds trust and it builds relationships, which is the right way to build a business. If you help people solve their problems, soon enough your problems will have solutions too.

If I kept learning something different from someone every couple days or every week I would definitely pay money to join their team. Simply because the perceived value is so high due to all the knowledge they have shared.

So what am I suggesting to you?

Go out and start adding value to yourself. Get educated on the industry and start learning what really works. In this industry if you learn something that works you will have more value than 90 percent of everyone in it.

There is a lot of information going around so if you find something that works, share it with people. Trust me people will sign up with you just to learn more.

Warning! Buying MLM Leads Can Be Hazardous To Your Bank Account!!  

Posted by Roger Smith

The information contained in this article could make or break your chances of success with your current company.

In Network Marketing 1,000's if not hundreds of thousands of good faith reps have been miss-informed and miss-trained on how to build a successful MLM business.

When a person enrolls with a MLM company one of the first things that they are asked to do is to make a list of everyone that they know or knew in the past and come up with a list of 100 to 200 names of people that they can contact about their new business opportunity.

This is usually for the most part is a very over whelming task and most people start getting discouraged and lose faith about this before they even get started.

The other problem is most people who go into a home based business have never had any business experience before nor have they had any training in marketing that will help them to know how to properly approach their friends about a home based business opportunity.

For those who survive this and stumble through their list, embarrassing themselves in front of their friends and family, what do they do next after they run out of friends and family to call on? Well, they start looking for ways to buy leads, opt-in leads, phone verified leads, area code specific leads, and TV generated leads, and so on.

Sounds great right.....

Well, if you love to:

1- Spend your hard earned money and not reap any positive results

2- Make calls for hours on end instead of spending time doing what you want to do

3- Talk to people who actually filled out the form because it promised a FREE item if they did,

4- Talk to people who want you to do all the work for them if they get in,

5- Spend more money on leads then you'll ever make with your business,

If you don't like these results, keep reading, there is a solution.

I know, you've heard the stories of the someone who bought leads, made a couple of the phone calls and "Bam", he ends up recruiting a HEAVY HITTER and makes a million dollars, that doesn't happen very often.

If you don't learn to work this business smart and learn what the Top Producers use, the chances of making it in this industry are about as good as you getting struck by lightning.

You have heard the stories of some guy who gets into the business and WOW in 2 months he made a $100,000. I guarantee you this guy has spent years perfecting his recruiting techniques and spent years building a list of loyal followers that when he found this great new business he was able to immediately contact his established list and because they trusted him and are convinced to move on the opportunity quickly, BOOM he builds a huge group super fast.

I know, you want to believe that will happen to you, but you need to do some planning and work first. If you’re not willing to put in the time, work, planning, and massive action it takes to succeed in this business or any other business, you might as well give up now and get or stay with your current job.

But, if the dream of residual income, complete time freedom, quitting the job you hate, and living the dream you've been hearing about is something you have a burning desire for, the only reason you don't have it now is because there is still something you need to learn.

So, make the decision to educate yourself about this industry.

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