Compressing A Diamond Out Of Coal...Find The Stand-Out MLM Leaders In Your Organization.  

Posted by Roger Smith

Finding leads that stand out from the others can be difficult, but it is vital that you sort through all the facts to find them. These new leaders are the ones that will have the biggest impact on your business. They will be the ones that will bring you more recruits, and if trained properly they will train their recruits on how to prospect and recruit more. Finding leaders is how you are going to build a successful downline as oppose to a downline that will drop out after a month. With all that being said, how can you identify the MLM leaders in your prospective groups?

Your first indication of finding leaders will be the one(s) that are always trying to better themselves by being everywhere. They will never miss a conference call, you will always find them hanging around forums, and they are always looking for other events to pick up tips and information. You can count on them not to just wait by the phone for a call with instructions because they will already be on the phone contacting you.

The best leaders are teachable and trainable and always open for new ideas. By being almost everywhere they are eager to learn as much information as they can. They are not afraid to ask questions and look forward to receiving positive feedback that can help them in the long run. If you are there for them I can guarantee these MLM leads will be there asking for advice.

Your next identification factor of your MLM leader is how motivated and willing they are to work. In this business you must have the will to put in the time to see the results. The best leaders will be available for anything that will expand their personal growth. Not everyone is in this for a full-time job and you don’t have to be full-time to be a great leader. However, even the part-time leader will produce the same energy as a full time worker. They are available for anything and everything that will help build them, you, and the group as a whole.

The last piece to identifying your leaders is finding how consistent they are. If they are producing some of the time and are only available for some of the conference calls, they probably are not that stand-out you’re looking for. Part of being available all the time is being consistent; working hard and attempting to better themselves through training all the time is being consistent. You have to find the people that are willing to do whatever it takes ALL THE TIME to succeed and then you will find the true leader.

There are a lot of things you have to focus on to find your best MLM leader. However, once you find them you have to give them all the tools and attention possible knowing that these are the people that will lift your business to new heights. By finding a few leaders you will be on your way to building a solid downline and a successful MLM business.

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6 Steps A New Associate Needs To Do To Make The MLM Brand Online.  

Posted by Roger Smith

Most major and small business owners realize the importance of branding their company, but lack the skill to branding themselves on the internet. Most small business owners are confused with the fancy tools and words, like blogs, podcasts, rss, opt-in and auto responder. Others just don’t think the internet is really important. To overcome this, I have come up with a list of 7 steps to take your brand online.

1. Know your Market and create a brand statement.

Most people understand that this is MLM, but most do not their brand. Here are a couple of questions that will help you get clear on your brand. Why is your company in business? What will set you apart from the competition?

2. Create a hook impression.

Find words that can easily explain what your MLM company does. Don’t go into your “story”. Just state enough information to get your buyer’s mouth watering and take the bait.

3. Generate "schools of fish" with website involvement.

Build a subscriber base. Get your subscribers involved in your business by creating online questionnaires, polls and forums etc.

4. Build your keywords.

Go back to your brand statement and decide on fifteen keywords that are directly associated with your brand. Use these keywords in your web copy, in you’re ad campaigns and in your literature when available.

5. Write copy that identifies your brand.

When you write information on your website, include your brand’s warm friendly statements. The internet is a very cold and impersonal place, write as if you are writing to one of your friends. Everyone has their own voice, so why not let your brand have its own voice.

6. Be available.

Let your new prospects/subscribers be able to reach you. But most importantly when they do, be sure, you are representing yourself and your brand as clearly as possible.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. These steps will take time. Continue to ask yourself, “Will this ________ represent my brand?” If you stay in tune with what you are trying to accomplish you can’t go wrong.

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Warning...5 Avoidable MLM Mistakes Newbie’s MUST Avoid  

Posted by Roger Smith

Starting out as a new associate in your business can be one of the most confusing and frustrating times that you will face. You will be pulled from one side to another from people telling you that you should do this and that , while finding your own fit and place of comfort in your day today marketing. I decided to list what I saw as 5 of the most costliest mistakes a new marketer will face when they first start out and how to avoid them.

1) Avoidable mistake: mailing sales packages to cold lists

By now you should know what a cold list is. In case you don’t know, it is a list of names of people who are not at all interested in the offer made by you. They generally don’t ask for more information about your offer. The bitter truth is they are indifferent to your interests and do not care how big your company is.

If you mail your opportunity to this ‘frozen’ list, you will be simply wasting your money. The members of this list are cold to your information and believe that it is trash.

So avoid this mistake and only mail the ‘warm leads’ who request more information about your opportunity. It is important to learn how to generate your own warm leads, rather than spending a fortune on leads that have been resold many times over.

2) Avoidable mistake: not building a warm relationship with the prospects

You have not tried to build a good reliable relationship with you new prospects you have made. But, you still think that those prospects will risk their bank balance with you for acting as their sponsor. Nonsense! This is a vain hope on your part.

3) Avoidable mistake: mailing the prospect more than one offer

A sure way to irritate your prospect is to mailing him more than one mlm offer. If one finds a bouquet of mails, the mails find their way certainly to the trash bin.

4) Avoidable mistake: your reluctance to spend money on training

Like any other legitimate business, certain methods are necessary to follow in network marketing to make money out of it. You must work on learning the ropes of this business. You should always spend enough money to buy training materials, course, tapes, books and other things. The right training is necessary to obtain profits from the business.

5) Avoidable mistake: your refusal to work hard

MLM talk about working hard to make money in every possible way. But the concept of working hard tragically doesn’t appear in most of their daily marketing routine! This is certainly a misunderstanding on the part on them. And the reason of the lack of working hard is laziness!

The truth is all are not born with equal mentality. It’s easier to watch television rather than to make follow-up calls.

If you want to succeed in network marketing, make sure that you avoid these 5 mistakes. Take the time to learn how to generate the best leads and get the training of how to contact them, what to send them, and how to convert them into distributors. Keep charging, don’t get discouraged. God bless.

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Focus On Long-Term Prosperity In Your MLM Business...Residual Income.  

Posted by Roger Smith

I would have to say probably anyone currently working a full time 8-5 job has had days when they think that starting a home business would be better than what they are doing now. There are many reasons for this, but most people forget to ask themselves whether they, in fact, are ready to start one. Asking this and many other personal questions means that you have thought through all the implications of running a business and the requirements, and sacrifices you may need to make.

Once you have thought through all the in's and out's of running a business, the next question is the nature of the business you wish to promote. There are unlimited opportunities available to home business seekers. There are all sorts of programs out there and many of them offer some sort of residual income. Then there are MLM companies that also offer great incomes. You need to evaluate these options and find the one that suits you best.

Choosing the right home business is not a quick task, but is a small project that needs careful handling.

One reason people look into starting a home business is that it is no longer practical to rely on your employer or the government to take care of you once you retire. The economy, in the past was a standby for many but then there is always the risk that can make the market plunge without notice that does not make for comfortable thinking, especially when your retirement savings are on the line.

Having your own home business and working towards a residual income is a great way to providing yourself with the leverage of a comfortable retirement. Residual income is income that continues to generate itself even when you are not making any effort.

What we can do is recommend products and services that we find useful and beneficial to others. This is where a home business comes into the picture and especially in MLM. Most of us are already recommend products to others but we never realized it because we never thought about it.

The way MLM works is that you recommend products or services to other people. So, if the company makes a good product, like vitamins, and you make a sale, then every time that consumer buys more vitamins, you keep getting commissions. You only have to make the sale once.

The true residual income comes when your customers recommend the same product to more people. This doesn't require you to do anything at all. The moment your customers start bringing in customers of their own, it begins a cycle where every new customer n will give you some percentage as a commission merely for having started this process. Basically, you could be generating a huge income doing nothing.

The hardest part in this is to make that first sale, or number of sales, to customers who are good at bringing in more customers of their own. This involves networking and marketing skills that require some amount of training.

There is no shortage of MLM business training materials on the Internet. The businesses deal with a wide range of products and you can certainly take your pick of them.

Just remember that, though this sounds very good, it is still a business and like any other business, you will need to work at it before you begin seeing results. Do not expect overnight success despite what you may see or hear out there. You will need to think like a business owner who knows how to plan and create strategies to succeed.

A home business will require you to set aside at least 20 hours per week that you will need to spend on building your business and promoting the products of your choice. You will eventually need to find means of recruiting people who can help grow your network of customers and co-affiliates that will generate further sales for you.

Once you have a good sized network, things become automatic and residual income becomes a reality.

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