The Most Important Advice You Will Ever Get...MLM Leaders Are Readers!!!  

Posted by Roger Smith

A well noted business leader once said that he could predict where anyone would be in life financially in 5 years. It was simply a matter of the books one reads and what they do with their spare time.

Remember this...Leaders Are Readers. Simple as that, if you are going to be a leader of a large network marketing organization you must be a eager reader. There are books on almost every subject matter in the business. Some of these are going to serve you especially well as you build your business. Here are some tips that you should look out for in your journey.

1. People Skills

Relating well to people and making new friends is what this industry is all about. You must become an expert in and at meeting people and feeling comfortable with people.

2. Sales Skills

No matter what network marketing business you are involved with it will help you immensely to have some salesmanship skills. Often, business plans are presented in a way so as to make it sound like selling products is not necessary, but I promise you that all the people making big money in network marketing know how to sell. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a skill you are born with. It is a skill that is learned and practiced.

3. Marriage/Relationship Books

Many network marketing participants are husband and wife teams. Even if you are single, you must read some books on marriage because you will probably have married couples in your downline. Divorce and marriage scandals can destroy your network marketing business overnight, so don’t take this lightly.

4. Leadership Books

If you are serious about building a large organization or having a large customer base then you are going to have to become a skilled leader of people. There are many popular leadership authors out there.

Make sure you are reading every day. If you have never read consistently before then just start with 15 minutes per day. Eventually, you want to work your way up to where you are reading for 30-60 minutes at least each day.

Each one of these ideas is critical to your success. It’s also a good idea to check out some of the other resources available at They have some good articles that cover the basics of building a solid network marketing business.

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Use The Power Of The Internet...How You Can Take Advantage Of It In Your MLM Business  

Posted by Roger Smith

Most new associates who try to leverage the power of Internet to build their MLM business wake up to a very rude awakening that Network Marketing in the Internet age requires a whole lot more than just having a company replicated web site and their other company's marketing materials.

Basically your internet marketing program for your MLM opportunity should fulfill four critical functions in order to peek the interest of your prospect to the point where they either come back to you for more information, or they remove themselves from your prospecting funnel.

1- Promote yourself as a professional.

First of all, your prospecting system should promote you as a professional. This adds to your credibility and makes it easier for your prospects to understand that you are serious about your business and that you are capable of helping them.

To achieve this, whatever you use to begin to promote your business should somehow be professionally marked as coming from you. This is not to say that you must be the author or presenter of the material, but that material should be accompanied by some promotional entity which depicts you as the epicenter of professional information.

By promoting yourself first as a source of information, you will eventually build trust and rapport with your prospects, increasing their chances of allowing you to help them solve their problems.

2- Emotionally engage your prospect.

The second function of your marketing system should be to emotionally engage your prospect so that they can relate to the information on a personal level. By presenting a compelling presentation, your prospect’s mind will be more accepting to the information that follows.

Remember that the reason your prospect is examining your information in the first place is because they have indicated a specific discontent that they need to have serviced. Your marketing system should remind them of the feelings of discontent that they experience, so that they become excited about the possibility of solving that discontent.

Since most decisions are made based on how we feel, it is critical that your prospect become emotionally involved. This emotional involvement will help your prospect to make the decision to continue exploring your information.

Appeal to your prospects emotional senses using specific questioning, a generic audio, video or on-line presentation which brings your prospect’s sense of discontent back to the surface in order to prepare them for the next step.

3- Educate your prospect.

The third function of your marketing system should be to educate your prospect so that your prospect is clear that this is a network marketing business.

Don’t trick your prospect into attending a meeting or live presentation if they are unaware that your business is MLM. This turns people off, and makes them feel manipulated and it puts you in a position where you may have to deal with those objections yourself.

Use a system that informs the prospect of the nature of your business without your input. That way, you will not attract difficult questions from your prospect. If your prospect is completely un-accepting of the network marketing business model, they will bow out.

By using a video or other tool to inform your prospect that your business in Network Marketing, you allow the prospect to review and consider the information on their own time on their own terms. They will be much more appreciative of this consideration than if they had invested time to attend a lengthy “opportunity meeting”

You want to know if your prospect is resistant to network marketing at this point so that you can stop investing time in trying to recruit someone who does not want to be recruited. This is a major problem area for most new inexperienced network marketers in their first year.

4- Pre-qualify your prospect.

The fourth function of your marketing system is to pre-qualify your prospect by requiring some sort of action on the part of the prospect.

Have them fill in a form on-line, or complete a short questionnaire. If your prospect completes the required action, after they have been educated, that will tell you that your prospect understands what your business is all about and they are accepting of the concept and they are likely open to exploring your offerings further…otherwise they would not have completed the process.

The reason this is so important is because by giving your prospect a task to complete, you are pre-qualifying their level of commitment to solving their discontent, and you are giving them an easy way out in that if they decide that they are not interested in following through any further, they simply won’t complete the task.

This removes the rejection factor completely from the equation, and allows you to invest your time only with those prospects who have demonstrated a sincere interest by completing the tasks requested of them.

The marketing system that I use is a compilation of generic systems, connected together to form an effective and easy to follow marketing and pre-qualification system which can be used by any network marketing professional in any network marketing business.

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Are You Building For Long Success? Relationship Building In MLM  

Posted by Roger Smith

Ever thought of going into network marketing on the internet excluding the importance of creating relationships?! Well, relationships are key in network marketing because relationships are the pillar of this business. Without it will make your business fail! You must constantly be thinking about the costs of building long term relationships.

Many people over the years have looked into and studied what network marketing is all about and have opted for it. They feel that it is a business especially made for them! But why do they think so?

Those people when they first decided to came aboard into this venture approached their own inner circle which was believed by him or her to be a good market. But after a couple of years many of this circle have formed a better market for him. What is the reason behind this? The simple answer is warm relationships. Those marketers have created friendship and a close relationship with a section of that circle which is impressed by the marketers’ approach towards them and rely on them seeing them sticking to the same company.

Now building relationship with the business partners in an internet marketing business is little difficult as it is believed to be the cold market. But the task is not impossible! You can create friendly relationship with them through the internet. Some have a duplicatable system on the internet.

Give an extra effort to build relationships online. Advertise yourself and your opportunity everyday. You have to be hard working to achieve what you want.

After all these works, finally arrives the time to communicate with individuals on telephone to estimate their quality. Thanks to the internet system, you can now speak with the persons with whom you have already created a warm relationship.

You can become a promoter of the network marketing industry by creating an online presence. You can help the industry by writing articles for its promotion. This can lead to contacts from network marketing professionals.

Concentrate on the fact that you want to make your business long lasting and permanent. So creating relationship with your business partners is necessary to generate a long term income. You can’t afford to start from scratch all over again!

Your mind now must be racing with the idea of the possibilities of building a network on the internet. It is possible if you are provided with a quality duplicatable system, desire to achieve success, a reputed business company, wish to follow up and last but not the least strong and stable relationships. These relationships make you secure for a long period.

The concept of network marketing business is founded on relationships. The importance of relationships in this business can not be overstated. Neglecting to improve relationship with your team members will only endanger your business in the future.

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How A Newbie Should Market Their Network Marketing Opportunity Thru Social Networking  

Posted by Roger Smith

MLM or network marketing as a whole is a marketing principle in which a product is sold through a network of distributors. Which would mean, social networking is the backbone of any MLM opportunity. If you are a part of a social network sites online such as (MySpace,YouTube,Facebook...ect) then I can guarantee that you will get a decent start with your MLM prospecting activities. For some, who do not have a strong social network background or have never considered using it, selling their opportunity is one extra and very tough first step you will need to take before your marketing efforts begins paying you in decent returns. You need social networks because MLM products and services are sold on the basis of trust.

In the broad sense of things MLM involves, and revolves around your credibility. Reason being, a person believes in you because of your honesty and he or she feels that the products or services you are promoting are authentic because a ‘credible’ source is selling it. For one-time only sales marketing this mutual trust factor works wonders.

The next step comes when customers try your company’s products/services and based on their use, and experiences positive or negative feedback will come. Now, more business will come in through resale, and positive word of mouth brings in new customers through your already existing customers. This is networking and this is how it defines the flow of your network marketing business.

If you wish to establish an absolutely new social network, you may want to try network marketing prospecting sites. These sites provide you a list of leads and clients and also assist you in strategizing your promotional campaign. Online network marketing also gives you access to global customers. Since network marketing through internet is still an evolving area, it is better to refer to some online network marketing tips before proceeding to come up with your own.

Understand that MLM involves a network of people, it is very important that each network work like an organization. There should be a common and honest team effort towards marketing the product or service to reach fruitful results with new customers. Both success and failures are important in network marketing. If one succeeds in their social network, every distributor in that particular network gets a share of that success and vice versa.

Therefore, to target success, it is important that your network shares your winning formula and you share that of your networks.

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