The Top Three Ways to Develop Leadership in Your MLM Downline Even If They Quit On You  

Posted by Roger Smith

Do you want to make more money in your mlm business and wish that your downline was as enthusiastic about making money from their business as you are? You might want to start thinking of building and training your downlines to build as leaders who can start building their own business on their own feet and in so doing generate massive profits for you.

So this article was is written for those who want to learn how they can make more money in their home based business by building the leaders in their downlines.

1. Focus on prospecting

Spend the greatest part of your energy on prospecting for new leads either to sell your product or to build as part of your downline and let your downline know this. The focus on any direct selling business, be it any home based business or otherwise, rests on generating more sales.

There is a great temptation by some people to get into the management trap. Avoid spending time managing your downlines and focus on getting the next lead for your business. You want downlines who are as motivated and serious about their business as you so that your downline will sky rocket. You should therefore teach your downline by your actions that massive lead generation is the key to their online internet home based business success.

2. Use Systems to leverage your efforts

The secret of top home based business owners is to use an automated system to sell, close and train your downlines. Let’s face it, you will never be able to teach your downlines all that you have learned, your knowledge will get diluted downstream.

3. Attitude is everything

Enthusiasm is contagious and you really should focus on helping your downline look beyond the fact that they are selling a product and help them realize that they are the boss of their own companies and they are looking for distributors to carry their products. Imagine you were the business development manager of a superior product and go around to select distributors for your products. That is how you should teach your downlines to approach prospects and build their downlines. With great conviction comes a great and powerful downline.

In order to develop a strong leadership at your downline, your need to teach them to spend their time prospecting, teach them to plug into a system so as to leverage on the system and allow you more time to do prospecting and lastly to develop a powerful personal attitude that will empower them to work at their business like there is no tomorrow. Take massive action today and teach your downlines to do likewise and you will see a surge of online profits coming your way in your business.

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