MLM Rejection? Deal With It With Attraction Marketing  

Posted by Roger Smith

Do you remember the first MLM business opportunity that you were ever exposed to? Do you remember how you could not rest at night as your mind busily went about processing the endless possibilities that your new business was going to create for you and your family? Do you remember how excited you were after learning about the outstanding benefit and value your product or service offered potential clients?

So, what happened?

Rejection was the farthest thing on your mind. You couldn’t wait to tell your friends and family about the wonderful benefits of your new found company or the terrific opportunity that was poised to explode and you wanted your friends and family to get a piece of the pie. In fact, I bet your up-line encouraged you to do just that. Like at a horse race, you were probably ‘chomping at the bit’ to get out there and tell everyone you knew about the fantastic business opportunity that was going to change your life.

But something happened along the way---you were doing just fine until you got your first rejection. Then you noticed that people weren’t excited to see you anymore---they didn’t share the same enthusiasm and excitement that was keeping you up at night. “What is wrong with these people?” you say. Are they blind...stupid?

Well, you are the persistent type and you reject the idea of giving up. After all, there is no success in quitting and besides, your up-line told you there would be days like this and they encourage you to just keep at it and to talk to everyone you know and soon your three will get three and so on.

The wind in your sails isn't blowing as hard anymore and your dreams of smooth sailing begins to turn into a nightmare. You feel helpless because your dream yacht has turned into a small dinghy drifting away from the safety of the shore and you don’t have a paddle or any idea how you will get back. You look around and you’re all alone---even the guy that told you about the wonderful opportunity is rejecting your calls and you’re feeling like you are all alone bobbing in an ocean of self doubt and you begin to second guess the validity of your own dreams.

The rejection becomes unbearable.

You try not to let it bother you, but when your friends cross the street when they see you coming, or the invites to the parties don’t seem to be coming like they used to do you begin to wonder if it is really worth the time to continue pursuing this silly dream. Your phone calls are not returned anymore because your friends and family know that all you want to do is talk to them about your business opportunity.

My fellow MLM'ers, there is a better way.

Just like you, I struggled to make my business work. I was motivated and determined to make it to the top---even if it killed me. I went to the hotel meetings, sat in strangers’ living rooms, and I watched people get on the stage who shared their fantastic stories of deep down-lines and six figure incomes and lifestyles that I’d only seen on TV. They made it look easy, it would only natural for me to feel there was no reason why I couldn’t do it too. But, as you and I both know, it is easier said than done.

Here is a little secret, a lot of sponors don’t tell you, only a very small percentage of the people in any MLM business ever make it to the stage. While this may be hard to stomach, the dirty little secret is this: most people in MLM are satisfied to earn a couple hundred dollars a month. They use the products for their own use and they are happy with the little bit of income they receive. They do not have the desire nor motivation to achieve the results that the big dogs do. And this is exactly where I was until I listened to the call that would change my life.

Attractiuon Marketing changed everything.

Attractiuon Marketing revealed to me the secrets to building huge down-lines that literally explode. Rejection has become a thing of the past and I no longer chase my friends and family to listen to me rant and rave about my latest business opportunity. In fact, since learning Attraction Marketing, I have learned and applied powerful marketing techniques that has alklowed me to put 3 to 5 new people into my primary business every single day. Imagine what would happen if 20 to 30 people a week came into your business. What would that do to your comp plan? Or what about the business you WERE in before your dreams were stolen from you. It may seem hard to believe, but now I am the one doing the rejecting because I can’t handle all the calls that I receive since learning and applying the techniques shared in Attraction Marketing...I just can't handle It!!!!

My fellow business partner, a seat is waiting for you.

I encourage you to put rejection behind you. Find out how to get your phone ringing off the hook with people ‘chomping at the bit’ to find out what you know. Make rejection a thing of the past and watch your business explode and get you to the financial rewards you deserve. Your friends and family will love you for it.

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